Beware Muscle Building – It Could Be a Health Hazard

Muscle building is big business nowadays. In many cases it has actually changed the natural physical appearance of nations. In some countries for example, instead of traditionally tall, thin and lanky national identities we’re seeing more of the wide, squat and ape-like bulky types. These extreme (but unfortunately common) results are muscle building being overdone and often involve steroid consumption. Personally I like the body in its natural human form with normal dimensions and nothing too outstanding. Of course, it’s nice to have muscle but in the rights places and not too much. It also means you have strength and are probably fit. What I’m against is when people, especially young types, overdo things and turn themselves into what looks like a wide and grossly overweight gorilla. As a result they can’t walk properly and kind of stagger along trying to keep their balance. The bad news is when they get older and slide into lazier lifestyles and all that muscle turns into fat. It’s true, folks. If you don’t maintain all that exercising and weight lifting your muscle will become flab. Once big biceps can turn into flapping angel wings and the once hard and hairy chest can develop sagging breasts. So if you – male or female – are thinking of making yourself muscular, please plan it all carefully. Don’t overdo it. Remember that when you are older you will have to carry any extra weight and because you are older it will be more difficult. As well as being weaker, your bones and joints will be playing up. And it gets worse the older you get. Many people get athletically active when they are young but when they are older most prefer more leisurely pursuits. I think you need to plan your life as far as your body is concerned, not only in relation to heavy exercise but also for eating habits so that you do not get overweight. You can change yourself into something else but can you change back again if you don’t like it?

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