What is Kettlebell Training?

A great way to supplement your current routine is to incorporate a short workout two or three times per week involving kettlebells. Kettlebells are small, bowling ball shaped weights that are attached to a small half-moon handle. They generally come in sizes similar to free weights, such as 8 lbs, 12 lbs, 18 lbs, 26 lbs, etc. Because of the small handle, they are ideal weights for training with a close grip allowing for a completely different muscle workout even when using the same exercises.

Kettlebells, however, have a completely different purpose in the weight lifting world. In addition to the standard exercises that can be performed with them, the ideal exercises to use them with include snatches, swings, cleans and jerks which are fast exercises generally accompanied by dynamic motions. The idea behind kettlebell training is to use movements that are often found in day-to-day activities and then exaggerate them three fold for a movement that is both functional and strength building.

Some people don’t really understand why you would want to use kettlebells considering you could do the same thing with free weights. Well, because of the difference of the grip and positioning of the weight when it’s being held, it is much harder to handle and control. This being said, while being harder to control does equal more calories being burned and an increased reaction to the change of training, it can also mean an increased risk of injury.

When using kettlebells, be sure to always exercise extreme caution and to avoid performing exercises with poor form. The best way to learn the proper technique is to work with a personal trainer who is familiar with kettlebells and have them teach you the correct positioning. Just a few sessions should be enough to give you an idea of how to manipulate them and how to avoid injury.

Kettlebells are an extremely effective way to burn fat because they require the use of all your stabilizer muscles; however, they are also very good at building strength. As stated before, they can be utilized as free weights while still providing a cardio workout due to all the swinging and excessive movements.

If you’ve recently hit a plateau, kettlebell training may be a perfect way to restart your metabolism and get you losing fat again. Don’t be afraid to try new things because it might just become your new favorite workout substitution.

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