The Secret of How to Gain Weight Fast

The majority of people in this country are struggling to lose weight, but there is a good sized minority of people who are struggling just as hard to learn how to gain weight fast. Many of these people have lost their weight because of their poor diets and unhealthy habits. Television and radio programs speak often about the health dangers of being overweight, but there are serious risks associated with being too thin. People who are not at a healthy weight are prone to complications after surgery and often experience a slow recovery from common illnesses. It is possible, however, to recover that lost weight through proper diet, which involves the monitoring of the energy density of the food that you eat. Energy density refers to the ratio of calories to the weight of food.

Some folks, usually envied by those with more girth than they’d like, seem to be naturally thin with no effort on their part. If you happen to be one of those naturally thin people and you wish to gain weight, consider the following guidelines that have been used with notable success.

Practice Good Habits

Focus upon eating high calorie foods, without eating too much fat and sugar. Eat regular meals. Don’t skip breakfast; it’s one of the most important meals of the day for weight gain. Relax when you’re eating. Don’t rush meals. To see significant weight gain, your body needs to absorb all of the nutrients in the foods that you eat. If you’re relaxed, your digestive system has the opportunity to function optimally. Set a fixed schedule for your meals and don’t eat between these meals to develop a hunger for mealtime.

Eat More Often

Rather than eating the traditional three big meals each day, try eating smaller meals five or six times each day. Make sure that you give your body plenty of fluids. Consume drinks that are rich with calories like fruit juices, milk, milkshakes, and the popular sports drinks. Eat lots of starchy foods such as rice, pasta, potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, other vegetables, and grains. Supplement these foods with yogurt and sour cream. Add rich dressings to your plain foods and salads.

Don’t Forget Protein

Protein is one of the most important nutrients that you can put into your body to gain weight. Your body needs protein to repair damage, to bolster the immune system, and to enable recovery from illnesses. Excellent protein sources are cereals, nuts, seeds, tofu, and tempeh. Milk, yogurt, eggs, and cheese are also most beneficial. Be sure to eat a protein rich food at every meal. Select only those protein sources that are soft and relatively low in fiber. Soy products and dairy products are excellent examples. Include dried fruits in your daily diet along with nuts like cashews and almonds. Don’t forget raisins. They’re perfect, full of energy and tasty.

Foods Preferred for Weight Gain

To ensure that you are eating the right foods for optimum weight gain, focus upon the following five food groups: grain, vegetable, milk, meat, and fruit. Eat at least one food from each group every day.

* The Grain Group: Bread, pasta, muffins, cereals, rice, and grits.
* The Vegetable Group: Vegetable juices – fresh, frozen, or canned.
* The Milk Group: Milk, cheeses, yogurt, and ice cream.
* The Meat Group: Fish, poultry, meat as well as eggs, beans, peas, and nuts.
* The Fruit Group: Fruit juices – fresh, frozen, or canned.

If you enjoy the texture of oily foods, you can add vegetable oil or margarine to you meals. It’s especially good with salads and mashed potatoes. Fried foods are great for weight gain. A sip of alcohol before a meal may not be a bad idea if it stimulates your appetite.

Stay Away from Nicotine and Caffeine

Cigarettes and coffee are two of the most notorious carriers of nicotine and caffeine. When these two stimulants are in your body to excess, you will not get the maximum nutritional value from your meals. Avoid these stimulants at all costs.

Eat Frequently and Eat Late

Large meals fill you up too much and you’ll eat less during the day. Eat small meals often during the day supplemented with snacks to increase your overall food intake. A snack a bedtime is a good way to gain weight provided it does not cause you to lose sleep.

Lots of Exercise

Subject your body to stressful exercise. You must challenge your muscles if you wish to add bulk and gain weight. It needn’t be excessive to work, but it should challenge and stretch out your muscles.

Each of us are born with certain inherited characteristics, body shape is one of these characteristics. If your family members are all thin, then you may have a more difficult time putting on weight. The level of stress that you experience in your daily life can also be a factor. The most important considerations for successfully building body mass, regardless of body type of family history, are good nutrition, rest, and regular exercise. Those who know how to gain weight fast know that you must practice them faithfully to achieve the body to which you aspire.

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