Massive Muscle Gainer Simple Exercise Most Of Us Forget About

The push up is one of the simplest exercises out there, yet many don’t use them in their hard gainer routine.

Why a massive muscle gainer would do push ups when they could do the bench press, right? Here are some push up tips for building muscle. After reading this maybe you’ll consider it as a legitimate exercise to gain muscles fast.

The simplest way to increase the difficulty of the push up and to promote fast muscle growth is to put weight on your back. Put a plate on your back, or get a backpack and put weights on it and do the push ups the way you normally would. This increases the work done by your core, which also works your abs like crazy.

The second way to increase the difficulty of a standard push up is explosive push ups which are 1 of the best push up workouts to gain muscle. Its like a normal push up, but you’ go as fast as you can and blast off of the ground as high as you can for every rep this helps to build muscle mass fast. Try to explode high enough that your hands are at least 6 inches off the ground, which will increase your explosive power, which leads to a bigger bench and bigger chest.

The third way is the Iso-push up. You lower yourself and hold yourself there at your bottom point for 10 seconds then push yourself back up. That’s 1 whole rep.

Add these to your muscle gaining workouts and you’ll see a difference for sure.

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