If You want to get bigger You must Not Forget This Exercise

When trying to put on more weight, and you are lifting weights, you need to go about it in a way that is different from your standard workouts. You might be used to doing a few sets for each body part with about 10 reps per set. To help you gain weight you need to push yourself beyond the standard workouts routines to put more stress on your body.

The exercises you will do are going to be restricted to the bench press, overhead press, barbell curls and any other basic lift you can do with a barbell only. The core exercise you will use is the squat. This is the real money maker for bulking up or gaining weight.

In addition to building the muscles in the legs, the squat will also target the whole body. It is essential to lift as heavy a weight as possible without compromising good form. Think about doing about 5 to 8 reps per set. Make absolutely certain you are using the best form you can so you prevent any injuries.

If you are unable to do squats or want to do something else for variety, try dead lifts. Dead lifts would be the next best thing to doing squats. Again keep the reps low and follow good lifting form for best results. Not using any of these two exercises is seriously limiting you potential to get bigger.

Remember to eat more food to increase your calories. You need to be taking in a lot more than you burn. And just as importantly get plenty of sleep and rest so your body can rebuild itself.

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