Too Thin? How to Gain Weight For Men

Lots of men out there dream of not being the skinny one. when i was 16 i weighed just over 9 stone and was very thin. After a few years i managed to put on a bit of weight with the use of some weight gain (this is the stuff that the Bodybuilders use to put on weight before the train.)

after a number of weeks i started to see some improvement in my weight and in the end i got up to 11 stone. It took me about 8 months to get up to that weight.I was happy with my weight now, the thing was that after i had been taking all the weight gain products i had met lots of bodybuilders at the store where i was buying it from. They were all nice lads and after a bit they asked me if i would like to start going to the gym with them and give bodybuilding a try.

At the time i was just over 10 stone and thought that i would be to small to do bodybuilding,but it turned out that lots of them had started off the same as me under weight and wanted to build up some self after a couple of weeks i said that i would give it a go and went along. It was not long till i got into it and was going 3/4 times a week,it was a real buzz.

All the people i met there were well into the bodybuilding and could not do enough to help. i continued with the weight gain products and started to take all the supplements,vitamins and proteins. my weight went up to 15 stone but it was all muscle, i looked good and my confidence was the best it had ever been in my life. That skinny lad at 16 had gone forever and i was now ready to take on life as a confident man.

After the things i went threw with my weight, i thought of all the other people out there who might be going threw the same thing.So i made a web page up to help anyone who has a weight problem.It has lots of info on health and fitness,things to eat and some pages on bodyduilding with some good links that realy helped me.


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