Hardgainer Weight Gain – Yes You Can Do It

If you are having a hard time at gaining weight, I can understand how you may be getting frustrated because hardgainer weight gain is not easy to achieve. I am also am a hardgainer that had struggled for years to gain any significant weight. I found out I was doing it all incorrect all this time from a competitive bodybuilding acquaintance that I worked with.

I have been a runner and worked out with weights for years. I had no trouble getting stronger and had the endurance but could never get bigger. I was told if I truly wanted to get serious about getting bigger I would have to stop all aerobic activity and work out with weights in a way that was different from what I have always done.

All this time I did not comprehend how much I was using up my calories and hindering any weight gain. I decided I would take a few months and dedicate myself to gaining weight. I ceased running and literally got lazy to preserve any improvement I made.

I went from lifting weights 4 or 5 times a week to no more than 3 times. I switched to doing heavy compound moves with a barbell only. I did squats, bench press, some over head presses and curls. For my back I did pull ups.

I kept the reps to 5 to 6 and spent maybe a half an hour in the gym. The squat was the exercise that really did it for me, I only did the squat once a week and I saw and felt a big difference in strength gains and my thigh size. This work out made a difference for me.

Doing these things together with increasing food intake permitted me to gain 30 pounds in under 4 months. This was real weight gain. I started back to running and doing my normal work outs and reduced any body fat I had added to myself.

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