The Secret to Building Muscle Strength

Do you tire very quickly when you’re in the gym? Do you think that a bit more effort put into building muscle strength could be the answer to reducing the tiredness? The following techniques have been shown to build muscle and strength quickly, making you bigger, faster, and stronger and less tired at the end of your exercise session.

It’s important that you analyze your present exercise practices. Why do you bother to exercise? What is your ultimate goal? If you exercise with the intention of building up your strength, it makes sense that you should be tailoring your exercise regimen to accomplish that goal. Perhaps, in pursuit of that goal, it would be wise to stop focusing on cardio exercises. Cardio can actually cause you to lose muscle mass. The exercises that will benefit you the most in building up muscle are called compound exercises. These types of exercises, while focusing on one primary muscle group, actually work on a few of the smaller muscle groups as well.

Examples of these types of compound exercises are bench press, dead lift, military press, squat, and barbell row. Any one of these exercises treats the body’s largest muscle groups. They require you to lift heavy weights, which are the secret of how to build muscle strength and getting the desired results. The most ideal parameter for building up muscle strength is 5X5. Do 5X5s for a couple of weeks, and then change over to 4X6 or 6X4. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. It will keep your body constantly challenged by the deviation from routine. Letting your muscles acclimate themselves to a constant repetitive routine is not the way to challenge them to build muscle and strength.

When you are dedicated to building muscle strength through intensive strength training, don’t neglect the body’s other important needs for an excellent healthful diet and sufficient rest. Food and rest give your body what it needs to grow and rejuvenate. Try to get a full eight hours of sleep each night, with supplementary naps during the day whenever possible.

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