Build Back Muscles to Improve General Health

When one thinks about a healthy body with great muscle tone, the first areas that come to mind are the arms, legs, and abs. While these areas may provide the most obvious indications, one of the key muscle groups that contribute to overall strength, good health, and the prevention of injury are the back muscles. The following information suggests ways to build back muscles and to maintain them.

1. Get to know your back muscles. Three muscle areas define the back muscles, the lower back, the lats, and the traps. Maintaining body balance is the primary responsibility of the lower back muscles. The trap muscles are located at the top center of the back, sloping downward from the neck. The lats are the back’s workhorses. Located in the middle of the back, they provide the power for doing work like pushing, pulling, and stabilizing.

2. Try bent-over rows and dumbbell rows to build back muscle. Check with a weight lifting friend or an instructor at your gym for the proper way to perform these free-weight exercises. They are an important part of any efforts to maintain back muscle.

3. Develop your lat muscles using a lat machine. These machines are found in almost all gyms, and they are easy enough to use. Lat pull-downs are traditional exercises practiced by those who are interested in building back muscle strength.

4. Make sure to include chin-ups and pull-ups in your exercise routine. Both exercises are similar and provide similar benefits. Pull-ups are executed with hands facing downward while clasped around a bar. Chin-ups are executed with palms up while clasped around a bar. One involves an overhand grip; the other an underhand grip.

5. Build up the muscle groups located at the very center of your body, known as the core. Working these muscles, located near the abs and torso, will help you to build up back muscle.

6. When have enough experience and know how to build back muscle, begin to practice dead lifts. These exercises build up all of your back muscles simultaneously. Always use a spotter when practicing dead lifts. They can be a dangerous exercise, especially if you’re not used to doing them. Don’t try dead lifts until you have spent a month or so building up the needed muscle using less intense equipment.

Tips and Cautions

* Beware of using exercise equipment for building back muscles mass based upon viewing only written instructions. Rely instead upon the visual aids that are usually displayed on the sides of exercise machines. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. A visual demonstration of both free-weight and weight-machine exercises are far more beneficial than relying upon written instructions.

* Cut down on the fat in your diet. Eat lots of lean protein, green leafy vegetables, and fruits. The back muscle will not show through unless exercise in combined with a healthy, low-fat diet.

* Don’t be taken in by the lure of protein supplements and meal replacements. They end up costing you a great deal of money. Protein pills, energy bars, and energy shakes have not been proven to help build back muscles.

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