Workout Program to Gain Muscle for Regular Guys and Hardgainers

Do you think you will never build muscle or jumped to the conclusion that you are a “hardgainer”? Think again, because chances are you were not following the right workout program to gain muscle. Most if not all failures are caused by the usual high volume split routines which typically prescribe 5 or 6 workouts a week, targeting 1 or 2 muscle groups each workout with a whopping  10 to 20 sets each group.


The mindset behind such masochistic approach is “the more the better” as widely advertised in magazines or seen in gyms anywhere. The problem is that this kind of training can only work for very few people who have their recovery and growth abilities artificially enhanced. A person with only his natural physiology at his disposal will have a hard time at gaining muscle at all.


Such high volume split routines are misleading to the Average Joe and miss the forest for the tree by focusing on single muscle groups rather than triggering muscle growth as a whole. For a natural person and even more so for a skinny one, muscle building can only be achieved by targeting most if not all the muscle groups in the shortest possible time to shock the body and spur testosterone production, hence gaining lean mass all over.


To do so, you must perform just few working sets to failure for each muscle group for the whole body or most of it. If a full body workout is too much to handle, you may split it in two parts at most, being careful not to increase again the number of sets and relapse into high volume mode. A workout program to gain muscle for regular guys and hardgainers should therefore be quite the opposite of what you commonly see in gyms or read in magazines.


Such a program should be short, simple and very high intensity to trigger muscle growth all over. Split routines as from professional bodybuilders should be discarded without hesitation, as artificial aids allow for increased growth and recovery ability whatever you throw at your muscles. To add insult to injury, not only are the high volume split routines useless to most people, they are also time wasting.


Why on earth keep spending 2 hours of futile efforts each workout, 5 or 6 times a week, hammering to oblivion single muscle groups with nothing to show for, month after month, when all you need is a 1 hour high intensity workout, 2 or 3 times a week? A short workout performed with heavy, basic compound exercises like squats, parallel dips, pull ups and barbell presses is way more effective than any fancy split routine.


If you are a regular guy, a hardgainer or and ectomorph (skinny guy), you should revise your outlook on training and come to term with the fact that less is more, particularly if this “less” is a quality, high intensity one. A good workout program to gain muscle should be realistic about your expectations and say up front that those mega workouts with tons of isolation exercises per muscle do not work for normal people like you and me. Instead, it should provide clear training plans based on basic compound exercises at its core, detail periodization charts to avoid stagnation and provide nutritional guidelines based on a healthy, balanced diet, not supplements.


If you are a regular guy or a skinny one, it is difficult to find a good workout program to gain muscle that works, because mainstream bodybuilding literature is flooded with misinformation and coveted interests.

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