Muscle Mass Program-Less is More, More is Waste

For a muscle mass program to be effective, it must also be realistic. It is a sad fact that most programs for the last few decades have misled countless people into the unrealistic mantra of the split routines and high volume workouts, telling people from all walks of life that if it s good for the champions, it must be good for you. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all, as testified by scores of failures.

You can see this with your very eyes any time you walk into a gym. Guys hammer their muscles away with 10, 12, 16 and even 20 sets per muscle group with pit bull tenacity, only to grow dejected and frustrated at their lack of results. Months after months, they still look the same if not worse, their strength levels are the same if not less, and even their wallets are depleted by useless supplement consumption.

You may have gone through the same. Insanity sets in, leading you to believe that you may be slacking off and decide to increase the workload even further. Madness! You should do exactly the opposite. An honest and realistic muscle mass program should lead you away from the multiple sets split routine insanity and show you the way to realistic muscle gains. The way to achieve this is through brief but high stress workouts centered on basic compound exercises with free weights.

You can forget about biceps curls and rear deltoids for a while. Instead, you should concentrate on spurring muscle growth all over, discarding isolation exercises and details. By training the whole body muscle groups at once for only very few sets each, you can achieve what many sets for one single muscle cannot achieve: increased testosterone output and muscle growth.

A realistic muscle mass program for regular and skinny guys should clearly be based on a “less is more” approach. Less only in terms on quantity, number of sets, but more in terms of quality, both in intensity and in exercise choice. 12 sets of biceps curls and 16 of cable crossovers will never have an effect on your testosterone and muscle growth. However, 2/3 sets of squat, dead lift, bench press, pull up, military press, barbell row and so on will leave you drained to the bone and your body shocked enough to change. Do not worry about biceps, they will grow anyway.

A muscle mass program so devised will build you lean mass in no time at all. 6 months can see you achieving a radical transformation, while 2 to 3 years are enough to accomplish your full potential. There is no need to waste your life in the gym, many days a week, for no muscle to show for and end up disappointed and frustrated few years down the line, only to give up in despair.

A muscle mass program focused on workout brevity, compound exercise intensity, periodization plans and nutritional guidelines is one that is fit for 99% of the population. High volume split routines are not. They can be effective only for a tiny 1% of professional bodybuilders, possibly thanks to artificial help.

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