Adding Muscle Mass – Adding Muscle Mass And Size With Bodyweight Training!

Adding Muscle Mass

Lifting weights three or four days a week is the typical way that guys seek to pack on muscle mass. If you can get to the gym on a consistent basis, you can develop a muscular physique.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to hit the gym regularly. Travel related jobs, family responsibilities, and unexpected schedule changes can cut into a personal workout regiment.

It definitely better to exercise more often, even every day to do something. Whether it taking the stairs or doing 50 push ups. However, if you want to build mass, it needs to be more structured than this. That is why it is important to integrate body weight exercises into any free weight exercise program.

Meet the real life alternative to a training regime that requires you to visit the gym every second day, that can be done fast, and in the privacy of your own home. Adding Muscle Mass

Body weight exercises are the exercise revolution that is making its comeback, and sweeping the world. Do you remember the honed and tones bodies of the boxers or strongmen of old. Did you know that the largest part of their exercise regime involved bodyweight exercises.

Skeptical? Try three of four rounds of chin ups, and report back, and if you’re still not sure add in some one arm push ups, maybe a few one legged squats and a back bridge.

In the gym, mass is usually achieved by performing compound exercises (exercises that work several muscle groups simultaneously) with heavy weight/low reps, often weights that are actually too heavy for you.

The most common gym exercises include squats, dead lifts, bench presses, shoulder presses, etc with lots of weight. Frequently tearing the muscles in the same place does add mass, and bulk you up but at what cost?
Now, if you only hit the gym on Saturday and Sunday, the resultant five day break limits the ability to maintain large muscle size. This is where bodyweight exercise training starts to look outstanding.

For two or more days during the week, it will be critical to perform either, or a combination of both high reps of some of the more challenging body weight exercises such as hindu push ups, and one armed push ups.

With a solid bodyweight exercises regime, performed regularly you will marvel at the increases in both upper body size, strength and muscular endurance. Adding Muscle Mass

Similarly, a routine of Hindu Squats, dynamic squats, and one legged squats will be excellent for lower body development, and increase strength, endurance and agility, as your smaller muscles get a much greater workout as they are challenged to stabilise your body.

If you’re training for greater strength, muscular endurance and muscle mass then bodyweight exercises are the way to go. If you want to develop a toned and strong core then have a look at Bruce Lee, a master in bodyweight exercises and one of the most formidable martial artists of the 20th Century.

Bodyweight exercises work, and they will work for you.

Bodyweight exercises are the holy grail of effective and fast strength and fitness training.
Adding Muscle Mass

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