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There is a vast selection of bodybuilding muscle programs showing different workout routines and training guidelines. Muscle building is a topic that has been covered inside out for decades, including subjects like physiology, growth, anatomy and hypertrophy. Most muscle programs are just variations of the multiple sets split routines that started way back in the 60ies and 70ies.

There was a shift back then towards more and more complicated and time consuming workout routines because this is what the professional bodybuilders started doing. Since then, every magazine or muscle building guide has mainly been a different interpretation of the mantra “more is better”, providing guidelines on how to perform 10 to 20 sets for each muscle group spread out all through the week.

The problem with this approach is that it can work for just few people, possibly steroid assisted, as a physiologically normal person cannot keep up with such punishing routines and hope to grow muscle, leaving scores of people disappointed at their lack of results. Muscle programs in the dawn of bodybuilding were far superior to today split routines. They consisted of simple workouts, often full body workouts, covering all major muscle groups with few paramount compound exercises.

All major muscle groups targeted at once for only few sets each are far more effective than workouts hammering a single muscle group to annihilation. This is because the combined effect of all body muscles trained at once in a short, high intensity workout, will shock the body into a healthy reaction, which is an increase in natural testosterone production and muscle growth.

By focusing on single body parts many people have lost their sight on the whole picture, missing the forest for the tree. While it is true that different muscles involve different movements and that different exercises are necessary to target all muscles, muscle building on the whole is more a case of general body fatigue and stress, not local targeted annihilation. Single muscle groups, except for legs, are not big enough to spur substantial muscle growth, even if hammered to death.

The best muscle programs are those that follow these basic guidelines of simple, brief and high intensity workouts, not endless split routines and gym attendance records. A realistic muscle program for regular people, hardgainers or skinny guys (ectomorphs) should stick to these principles. Weight training should consist mainly of compound exercises such as squats, dead lifts, military presses and bench presses, barbell rows and so on, not endless biceps curls or the likes.

Gaining muscle mass on these core compound exercises has always worked for countless bodybuilders of the past who have built outstanding physiques and it will always work because physiology has not changed at all since then. What has changed is just misinformation coupled with the invention of artificial aids (steroids and supplements) that makes multiple sets split routines possible only to few people but impossible and frustrating to most. Good muscle programs are just the opposite of all this.

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