Muscle Mass Workout Programs-The Effective Way To Build Muscle

Being stuck in a dead pan with no muscles to show for and looking for effective muscle mass workout programs? This is a common scenario across the globe, with regular guys or skinny ones wondering why on earth they cannot put on some lean muscle despite working out 5 to 6 days a week, performing 10, 15 or even 20 sets per muscle group without tangible results and even regressing.

The point is, what most of people do in the gyms is a rehashed version of the ever popular high volume split routines as advertised in the muscle magazines or other bodybuilding literature. Those workout routines are effective for just few selected ones and more often for people with recovery abilities artificially enhanced. For regular guys and gals, hardgainers and skinny guys the rules are different.

In fact, not only are they different, they are the complete opposite of the multiple sets approach. Realistic and effective muscle mass workout programs for real people who do not want or cannot spend their life in a gym are simple, high intensity and brief. Working out 2 hours at a time for 5 to 6 days a week hammering single body parts with multiple sets will achieve nothing but over training and stagnation.

It is ironic that the solution to building muscle could not be easier and time efficient. Instead of doing 15 sets of biceps curls one workout and 20 sets of dumbbell flies and presses the other, the whole workout routines should be structured towards spurring muscle growth as a whole, rather than focusing obsessively on single body parts.
To do so we have to push the body beyond its boundaries and force it to react by naturally producing more testosterone, hence building muscle all over.

This can be achieved only by performing basic, heavy compound exercises in a full body workout, possibly split in just two workouts, if one is too taxing. Good muscle mass workout programs should provide exact guidelines for simple yet demanding workouts. Such workouts should include exercises like squats, barbell rows, dead lifts, parallel dips, military presses and so on. They should also not be emphasizing supplement consumption (except for few selected ones), as these have little effect on muscle growth but a lot on wallet depletion.

Attention should be placed on nutrition, giving detailed guidelines on meals and what foods to avoid. However, there is no need to have your whole life revolving around meals and meal times. That is another insane idea born out of the high volume split routines scenario as advocated by professional bodybuilders.

Muscle mass workout programs for regular guys and gals should take 2 to 3 hours a week to accomplish at most. 45 minutes to 1 hour should be the most time dedicated to each single workout, as longer times are counter productive for recovery and testosterone levels. Compound exercises should be the tools to shock the body into growth, leaving you with plenty of free time to enjoy family and social life as an added bonus.

Unfortunately, the “the more the better” mentality is still rampant, producing failures on a daily basis and leaving a trail of disappointment and frustration.

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If you are stuck on a multiple sets split routine approach, I urge you to revise your outlook on training and check out these real life muscle mass workout programs. They can save you time and frustration while adding you lean muscle. Check out this muscle mass workout programs
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