Lean Muscle Workout Program-Heavy Training And Mass Go Hand In Hand

If you are looking for a lean muscle workout program, bear this in mind: a low repetition range is way better than a high repetition one. Few sets of 5 to 8 repetition performed with basic heavy duty compound exercises is all it takes to build lean muscle mass. Even better, the more mass you add, the higher the basic metabolic rate will be, helping you burn the fat and get ripped along the way.

Sure, it takes some time to dramatically change physical appearance, however we are talking about few months or 1 to 2 years at most, not years and years spent in the gym with no results to show for while following split workout routines. High volume split routines do not work for regular guys, let alone skinny ones or hardgainers, but only for few people. 10 to 20 sets for a muscle group will lead you to just muscle depletion, while more than 10 repetitions will not do much to build muscle.

A good lean muscle workout program could not be simpler. Forget about isolation exercises like curls, flies and the likes. What you need here is heavy compound exercises like bench presses, squats (the king of exercises), pull ups, dead lifts (as good as squats), parallel dips, barbell rows and so on. Keep the repetition range between 4 and 10, with 5 to 8 the main range. Occasionally periodize with higher or even lower repetition ranges to stimulate the muscles and avoid stagnation. Periodize with a change in exercises too, however not as often as to “confuse” the muscles.

The “Muscle confusion” idea is an old one from the 80ies, which says that to avoid stagnation, muscles should be regularly confused by performing different exercises and repetitions every single workout. Do not buy that, it will only achieve inconsistency and make you unable to judge progress. You should stick to the same exercises and repetition ranges while progressively increasing the load until you reach a plateau. Only then, you may periodize with different exercises and ranges, not before.

A cycle can last as long as 2 to 3 months, depending on individual, lifestyle, nutrition, age and other elements. Free weight training is the preferred choice for most, but a vastly underrated yet effective option is free bodyweight workouts. Initially easily dismissed as approximate to increase the load progressively, they offer instead a terrific workout that will build lean muscle anywhere you are, saving you time. In order to vary the load you must vary the angle and the hand position so as to achieve the desired resistance.

Once got the hang of it, they are just as effective as barbells and dumbbells, as muscles do not know the difference between weights and body weight. Just think of gymnasts and the kind of physiques they have without using weights in their training. If you do not know how to build muscle or are looking for a proper workout routine, the solution could not be easier, if demanding.

Make no mistake, full body workouts performed with few sets for each compound exercise in a 5 to 8 repetition range (excluding warm up) is not walk in the park. They will leave you drained and exhausted, spurring natural testosterone production and muscle growth.

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If you are looking for a way out of stagnation, I urge you to check out this lean muscle workout program for regular guys. View different routines compared in this lean muscle workout program page.
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