Are You Getting The Absolute Most Out Of Your Bodybuilding Training?


If you’re trying to gain muscle it’s vital that your bodybuilding training is properly and intelligently planned out, so that you get the maximum reward for your hard work.

Lots of folks spend four, five or even more days a week in the gym, with precious little results except maybe for setting gym attendance records. Don’t let this be you.





You need to have a bodybuilding routine where every workout counts – go for quality over quantity every time you train. If what you’re currently doing isn’t getting any results – change it.

As someone once said,

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”

Lets look at how some aspects of bodybuilding training that works, and that will give meaningful results;

Training Frequency

First, you need to plan a workout routine that has no more than three training days a week – in fact two is better. Your plan should be to give your muscles the growth stimulus they need to get bigger, then get out of the gym and rest.

Two common mistakes here;

1/ Not doing enough intelligent hard work to give the growth stimulus to the muscles and

2/ Not giving the muscles the chance to grow

If your bodybuilding training is based around a load of isolation exercises that are basically shaping and toning exercises then you won’t be providing the growth stimulus, even if you’re in the gym every day, and training over an hour a day. In fact, if this is you, stop it now.

Exercise Selection

To provide the stimulus your muscles need to get bigger, you need to plan your bodybuilding training around major compound lifts like the dead lift, the squat, the bench press and the chin. These are exercises that hit the major muscle groups, and they will give the anabolic effect that you need.

To give your muscles the chance to grow, you need at least one day’s rest between workouts, two is better. And you need to get proper rest, sleep and food to provide the fuel and opportunity your muscles need to grow. Try and aim for eight hours of sleep a night – this will not always be possible, but try and aim for it.

Exercise Technique

When you train, you need to learn perfect exercise technique on each exercise, and then practise that perfect technique on each rep you do. This is for two reasons;

1/ If your technique is perfect you will give the maximum stress to the muscle, forcing it to adapt by getting bigger and

2/ Perfect technique will go along way towards protecting you from injury.

If for example, you round your back when you dead lift, you put your back in a very dangerous position, where you could end up with a permanent injury.

Add Weight To The Bar

You should add weight to the bar in small manageable amounts whenever you can. If you add too much weight too fast your body won’t be able to adapt to the extra stress, and you’ll lose momentum. Adding small amounts of weight regularly will give you a much better chance of making progress.

Avoiding Dangerous Exercises

Some exercises are dangerous because they’re bad for your joints, but despite this fact, these movements are often being promoted as safe to do.

Avoid any pressing movement behind the neck, and exercises where you have to fit your body motion into a pre set bar path because of the machine you’re using – for example squatting inside a smith machine is bad for your knees and your back.

Also avoid the upright row and the bent over row.

As well as avoiding the exercises above, avoid any exercise that is bad for you – even if everyone else tells you it is safe – when you’re sure that you’ve got the proper form down, if it still doesn’t feel right, drop it.

Train Hard

Although you should only be hitting the weights two or three times a week, you must train hard – and each workout should build on the workout that went before. Going back to an earlier point, if you train on mostly isolation exercises it’s difficult to train hard enough to cause the stimulus the muscles need to grow.


Good luck!


















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