Revolutionary 90 Days With P90X Dvds

Do you like to transform your body from regular to ripped in a short period?

What about in 90 days? Then start to get into P90X DVDs.

US$39.07 P90X DVDs can help you transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days! Now, let’s review the complete P90X system.

A: P90X 13DVD

Disc 1: Chest & Back

Disc 2: Plyometrics

Disc 3: Shoulder & Arms

Disc 4: Yoga X

Disc 5: Legs & Back

Disc 6: Kenpo X

Disc 7: X Stretch

Disc 8: Core Synergistics

Disc 9: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Disc 10: Back & Biceps

Disc 11: Cardio X

Disc 12: Ab Ripper X

Disc 13: How To Bring It ( Instructional dvd )

B: 3 Guides

1: 1Nutrition Plan

2: 1Fitness Guide

3: 1Quickstart Guide

C: 1 Motivated Tool  — 1Workout Logs and Calendar

US$39.07 P90X DVDs on BoxsetOffer

Quotes —

C1: Love it. I’m 52 years old. I do P90X at my own pace and i’m seeing results already. My 27 year old son is a chinnock army piolt and he does P90X. He gave it to for my birthday. Because he cares alot. Some sons gave flowers and candy,my son gave me health and fitness.Tony great at what he does.(in my opinion).

C2: i havent been doing it for long and im already seeing a change. im only 18 and im overweight and i have back and leg problems, and i had surgery on my ankle and i still love doing it and it just makes me feel better. and you dont need the heart rate thing and you dont need a pull up bar, i just use a band and its only like 10 bucks.

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