Muscle Building Workouts – Key Points To Fast Gains

Muscle building workouts should always consist of simple, basic key compound exercises to spur muscle growth. One major key factor is shocking the body hard enough to respond with an increase in mass. This can only be achieved by naturally increasing growth, specifically increasing testosterone output. Compound exercises do just that, as they involve the action of different muscle groups at once, taxing both nervous system and the whole musculature.

Because of the highly demanding effort, only few working sets of each exercise are needed for each workout to effectively build muscle. The high intensity of each exercise is further enhanced by performing few different movements targeting different muscle groups, so as to cover all or most of the body muscles in one single workout.

As hard as it sounds, a basic layout like this is far more effective at building muscle than multiple sets split routines, several days a week. A good workout schedule could look like this:

2/3 working sets of squats
2/3 working sets of bench presses
2/3 working sets of pull ups
2/3 working sets of military presses

All major muscles would be covered in a full body workout. Note that “working set” mean set to failure, as opposed to a warm up set.
Many variations can be performed of the same routine, for example with dead lifts, or parallel dips, barbell rows and so on.

The simplicity and brevity of such a basic layout can be misleading. As used as we are to 10 to 20 multiple sets split routines, we could be forgiven to dismiss such a simple workout schedule as a beginner routine. Unfortunately, those multiple set routines work only for very few people, possibly aided by artificial means. For a regular guy, few sets of basic compound exercises are the honest and fastest way to build muscle.

Muscle building workouts for real people with a real family and social life are simple and high intensity. There is no need to perform gym attendance records in the hope to gain a muscle size that will always elude you. In fact, what marathon split workouts achieve is at best stagnation, at worst muscle depletion. Also, eating to build muscle should not be considered an expensive duty to ingest vast amounts of supplements. A balanced, healthy diet with only few quality supplements, if any, is all that is needed.

Muscle building workouts for the Average Joe, hardgainers and skinny guys (ectomorphs) should be brief and high intensity. Frequency should be kept to 2 to 3 times a week, depending on fitness and personal recovery times. 2 to 3 hours a week of high intensity workouts are enough to build muscle fast in a fraction of time. With time shaving techniques it is possible to cut down workout times even more.

Body weight workouts are also a valuable option to free weights. When properly performed, varying angle and leverage, body weight workouts can be incredibly effective at muscle building. One should just have a look at gymnasts who never weight train to understand what is possible to achieve with just body weight, as muscles do not know the difference between weights and body weight but respond to any resistance in the same way, increasing lean mass.

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