Tony Fitness P90X And Shaun T Insanity Workout

Tony Fitness P90X Workout Free Download

Tony Horton is also known by the name Tony Fitness.  He is one of the most popular fitness gurus in the world today.  You have probably seen the infommercials for many of his products, including the very popular P90X.

Tony Fitness joined Beach Body in 1998 where he introduced his first workout video series, Great Body Guaranteed.  This program was such a hit that Beach Body president, Carl Daikeler, wanted Tony to develop more products.  Tony started putting out great workout video after great workout video.  Some of his more popular titles are Power Half Hour, Power 90, Tony and the Kids, 10 Minute Trainer, Tony and the Folks, Tony Horton One on One, Power 90X, and the more advanced P90X Plus.

Along with Tony Fitness, Shaun T also works for Beach Body.  Shaun T recently introduced to the world the brutal Insanity Workout package.  Shaun T is the man who brought you Hip Hop Abs, Fit Kids Club, and Shaun T’s Dance Party Series Workouts. 

Shaun T’s Insanity Workout Free Download


Many people try to compare P90X versus Insanity, but it’s like comparing apples to oranges.  Insanity is a very brutal, fast paced, 60 day Max Interval Training program.  Insanity seems to focus more on cardio and muscle confusion to build a strong core and slim body.  P90X is a little slower, 90 day, muscle building program, but is just as brutal. 

Most reviewers notice two main differences.  The first being the duration; 60 days for Insanity, 90 days for P90X.  The second difference Insanity will give you a slim and trim body; P90X will build muscle.  Some women who use P90X actually find they can easily become too muscular for their liking, so they use the bands instead of the pull up bar.  P90X also comes with a “Lean” program that will not bulk you up as much if you don’t want. 

Both Shaun T’s Insanity and the Tony Fitness P90X programs can be purchased in stores or online for around $150.  They are also available to download online for free just by filling out a brief survey.

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