Gaining Weight For Hardgainers: Don't Say You Can't Do It!

Gaining weight for hardgainers is not easy. Being skinnier than normal with a high metabolism makes it more difficult to gain weight even if you feel you are eating enough food. So as an ectomorph hardgainer what can we to do?

Hardgainers are able to gain weight but it just takes more effort and patients than the average individual. There are some that believe they are hardgainers, but they can with less effort add the pounds to their body with the addition of a little extra calories and working out like a bodybuilder. A true hardgainer would be unable to gain weight so easily.

For them to gain weight they need to really add on the additional calories. Six meals a day would be necessary to add on the extra food. There are some hardcore types that will get up in the middle of the night to have a snack so the body has fuel to work with.

As far as exercise, you need to do fewer workouts than the average people. But those workouts need to be intense. The routine you do will be focused around the squat which is the greatest whole body exercise you can do.

Three times a week would be enough days to workout. You need the extra time off so your body can rebuild itself and recover enough for the next workout. You do not want to over train, so monitor yourself for this. Get plenty of rest and cut back on any aerobic type activities you do so you conserve calories.

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