Maximize Your Muscle Reviews – The Answer To Your Genetic Muscle Gain Limits?

Maximize Your Muscle is a new program from Vince DelMonte, the author of the number 1 online muscle building program for beginners called “No Nonsense Muscle Building”.

However, while No Nonsense Muscle Building was for beginners, Maximize Your Muscle is solely targeted at intermediate and advanced bodybuilders who have hit the eventual wall of no more muscle gain. This situation typically happens after you have exhausted the many obvious techniques of muscle gain.

But before we continue with this review, let’s find out what you get with the program:

These are things in the package:

1) Membership to the “Maximize Your Muscle” forum
Monthly Workout DVD
2) “Blow Beyond Your Genetic Potential 2-CD set
3) 20-page hardcopy muscle building newsletter
4) Monthly 90 minute mastermind and body coaching call with Vince himself
5) Monthly Workout DVD

Absolutely no obligation and you can cancel your subscription anytime by simply sending an email to Vince.

Maximize Your Muscle Review:

Vince’s No Nonsense Muscle Building was the internet’s number 1 muscle building program and has helped thousands of people around the world to transform their bodies from meek and flabby torsos into eye-catching candies.

But many people who have been training for a while will soon discover that no matter what program they used or how hard they train, a time will come that there is no possible way to gain any more muscle. This limit seemed to be genetic.

This is the real fact: More than 90% of programs have a limit build into it.

So this is exactly what Vince is trying to do with his program:

How to go beyond your genetic limit and build a massive body?

The answer lies in the relatively unknown “12 Anabolic Targets”.  If you utilize all 12 anabolic targets, you will get through and go beyond your genetically coded limits. These 12 Anabolic Targets are proven by science. Incidentally, most programs only utilize one, or at most two of these anabolic targets, thereby setting the stage for that ultimate plateau in your muscle gain.

The Good Things I Liked About The Program:

You will be swamped with quality information and support with this new program. Lots of content in one place to make you feel that it’s value for money. That should come as no surprise if you have dealt with Vince before.

Furthermore, as is Vince style, he gives you all this information in a no nonsense manner. He demonstrates the workouts himself in his DVDs and truly differentiates himself from the rest in the industry by setting you properly on the right track without too much fluff.

Next you will love the monthly hardcopy delivery of his content. That to me is a fresh change from the traditional video downloads or ebook format. This sets him apart from the others and gives the program that feeling of professionalism and credibility. I just love the fact that I can now watch the dvd from my TV instead of the computer and let me follow all the workouts easily.

The monthly hardcopy content also includes a newsletter that helps you to set your mindset right, gives you lots of meal guides and provide you with a printed logbook for your workouts. Now the logbook is a real differentiator in your quest for additional muscle gain. You see, unless you are tracking closely your workouts, you will not know how far you have gone. The logbooks are formatted nicely and are easy to follow. I find it totally indispensable when I work out at the gym as I can immediately write down my workouts and follow the program closely with it.

To top it off, Vince 90-minute personal coaching and mastermind call and membership forum adds to the experience.  It is like having a personal trainer and an army of pumped up muscle-gainers at your disposal. By right, the coaching calls will normally set you back $99 per session but with this program, it is all included at no extra cost. The forum is small and closely-knit and you really feel connected and all set to achieve your goals with the company of like-minded individuals there.

Truly, Vince has done it again and over-delivered with this new program. If you follow it closely, I am sure you will see that additional gains you are looking for.

The Bad Things About The Maximize Your Muscle Program:
Well if there is one thing that you might dislike about this program is the overwhelming wealth of information. So if you are lazy and not yet disciplined in your training, then you will find yourself left behind. So unless you have got your house in order and follow some disciplined training regimen, then this program is not for you.

You need commitment and discipline and make some lifestyle changes. But if you do, then you will get beyond your genetic limits and gain additional muscle mass.

If you are a beginner and still not following a discipline regimen in your training, then Maximize Your Muscle is not for you yet. It is really meant for intermediate and advanced bodybuilders who have hit a ceiling in their muscle gains. Consequently, I would only recommend this program to those who are ready to bring their bodies to new levels of muscle gain and who want to get beyond their genetic potential.

About the Author:
Come and find out more about the program and the 12 Anabolic Targets at Maximize Your Muscle Right Now. For a more comprehensive review, be sure to check out my blog Maximize Your Muscle Reviews.
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