3 Must Know Muscle Building Workouts

Many people these days are starting to head out to the gyms in order to work on the bodies that they have always dreamed of. Despite all this action, few seem to make it to the finish line. Even if they do make it, it’s been done by intense trial and error. But with these exercises your about to learn, it should be a walk in a park…

Lying Leg Curls
To do a lying leg curl, you must first adjust the machine level to fit your height and lay face down on a leg curl machine. The pad of the lever should be on the back of your legs and a couple inches under your caves. Keep your torso flat on the bench and make sure your legs are fully stretched. Grab the side handles of the machine. This will be your starting position. Exhale and curl your legs up as far as possible and then hold it for a few seconds. Slowly bring your legs back down again.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press
While you hold a dumbbell in each hand, sit down on a bench with back support. Place the dumbbells up-right on top of your thighs. Now use your knees to help propel the dumbbells up above your head. Rotate your wrists so that your palms are facing forward. This will be you starting position. Exhale and push the dumbbells up until they are as high as comfortably possible. After a brief pause, slowly lower the weights back down to the starting position.

Leg Extensions
At first you must choose your weight and sit on the leg extension machine with your legs under the pad and your hand holding the side bars. This is your starting position. Adjust the pads so that it fits snug on top of your lower legs. Make sure your legs form a 90 degree angle between your lower and upper leg. Exhale and extend your legs while your body remains static.

These are just a few of the workouts you should be including in your daily routines. Make sure to include at least one of these so that you can get the most out of this. Remember to persist. Even if you have not seen any results yet.

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