Muscle Training Advice: Warm Up Like This

A serious mistake you will often see in the gym is that many weight-trainers don’t realise  how important it is to warm up properly before beginning their routine. Here is some muscle-training advice you should take seriously:

For example, here have been trainers who have opted for 1 set of 20 reps using only the  weight of the bar or do nothing altogether.These are both negative options.

Whether you’re looking at short-term or long-term benefits, a proper warm-up is essential  because of two very good reasons…

1) Getting a proper warm-up helps you successfully handle the weight that you can lift and  this
will stimulate your muscles for maximum growth.
2) A proper warm-up decreases your chances of injury. You can see that alone justifies a  simple 15–20 minutes of warm-up before every workout. I’m sure you will agree with this  muscle training advice.

Having said that, let’s talk about how to take some action.

Begin with 5 minutes of light cardiovascular activity. Choose a treadmill, stationary bicycle or rowing machine, for example. This basic cardio warm-up will raise your body temperature and prepare your muscles for the onslaught, so-to-speak.

While you are busy doing your 5-minute cardio warm-up, use this time to visualise your planned workout.  Taking the time for mental preparation will  greatly assist you with the work that lies ahead.

Having completed the initial 5-minute part of your warm-up, it’s time to continue to the final  part of your warm-up routine:

Select the first major compound exercise of your workout, performing 5 warm-up sets of  that.
In other words, if you are planning to do squats for legs today, do 5 sets of squats for your  warm-up routine. Start with high repetitions and very light weights, slowly progressing  to  lower reps with heavier weights. Remember to not fatigue your muscles with these 5 warm-up sets. Your aim is to increase the flow of blood to your muscles and to prepare your joints for their hard work.

Furthermore preparing your body and mind beforehand helps you to handle heavier weights during your workout. Tiring your muscles beforehand will defeat the whole  purpose of your warm-up.

Do these 5 basic sets before proceeding to your workout. This warm-up process is hugely  important so don’t ignore this muscle training advice.

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