Get Rock Hard Abs

Most people would love to have a nice tight stomach with rock hard abs. This aesthetic has long been the ideal for both men and women. Unfortunately, attaining this sexy figure is much easier said than done. Since results are seldom seen instantly, most people give up on the venture to get rock hard abs very quickly. However, a dedicated person can easily get rock hard abs within several month’s time.

Start by losing a few pounds through a healthy diet and exercise. Everyone has a six pack it is just that some people have a few pounds of fat hanging over the top of their six pack. Shedding the pounds will help to show off those nice abs beneath.

As you are losing the weight begin working the abs daily. First do one set of ten to twenty-five crunches each day. Increase the number of crunches weekly until you can easily accomplish 100 crunches, broken up between several sets, in a single day. For proper form place your arms across your chest and focus on engaging your abs not sitting all the way up. These crunches will work the upper to midsection of your abs.

After your crunches lie flat on your back and elevate your feet about a foot off the ground. Now raise your body slightly off the ground and pump your arms slightly up and down. As your rock hard abs begin to form try to hold this position longer and lower your feet further to fully engage those tricky lower abs.

End your daily exercise by lying on your back, kicking your feet into the air and performing small flutter kicks at varying heights. Flutter kicks work well to exercise your abs from top to bottom and should be done frequently.

To improve your results consider picking up a sport or activity like running, cycling, yoga, sport climbing or even dancing. Not only are these great activities for weight loss, they also activate the abs in a way that is hard to achieve from crunches and leg lifts alone. If you are dedicated it will be no time at all before you begin to see real results.

Author, Heather Rutherford is the owner of Syringa Ballet Academy in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (–she teaches students as young as 2 through adult the art of ballet.
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