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1) Time is closing in on getting the early bird rate. You can still join but now is the time to save that $! Look guys, I try to make this intensive training as affordable as humanly possible. I get to reward those that sign up early and commit to coming with a discount rate. Listen to Billy and the boys describe what you can be a part of:

Level 1 and 2 guys get heavy discounts off of next levels to give you plenty of reason to keep these perishable skills FRESH.

You Level 2 guys enter the referral code “Level2” to get your Level 2 audit for $450 (half the price of Level 1!!) and Level 2 guys enter “Level3” to get your L3 audit for just $250 (where else will you get a full weekend of training with this caliber of coaching for $250??)

Take advantage of the snow to treat your family to an awesome winter vacation in Salt Lake and Park City! This is that last seven days to save big on registration!! SIGN UP TODAY.

2) Great Kris Iatskevich article in this month’s Lockflow

Download and read the Lockflow Monthly Newletter. Kris echoes many sentiments that I have been trying to express for years. Kris is really doing amazing work in Montreal! I’ve spent over a decade researching the real deal and trying to learn from them and Kris is no different, please listen and learn from him.

By the way, the next generation of Catch-AS-Catch-Can men is on the rise, check around at the tournaments. Check out Nicolas Exame from Team Iatskevich:

3) !!!Pinups for Pups 2010 Calendar Presale!!!

My wife’s annual charity drive is gearing up to help animal rescue! Be sure to join the Pinups for Pups site to hear the big announcement (COMING IN JUST A FEW DAYS!)

October Pin-Up: Shelly Martinez

4) Macebell Sport Cometh…

Macebell Mauler extraordinaire Kevin Wikse is writing a blog and has really become a part of the tip of the spear for the Macebell movement. Enjoy his blog, in particular this entry on MACEBELL SPORT.

5) Gut Check Challenge coming in November!!

Gut Check Fitness has been dominating (that’s why I got involved). Best bootcamp, top place finishers at the Bootcamp Challenge, the Coastwise Mile, etc.

You really need to look critically at WHO is actually winning and doing well in fitness events and while some people are dissatisfied with the bill-of-goods they were sold with “other” programs… Sign up to learn with the man WHO has done it: JOE DECKER.

6) Check out this great note!

“Hi Jake! I have been meaning to reply to one of these posts for a while! I want to thank you for all the great stuff you post up for free! I coach 5-8 graders in folk! One of my guys watched Dick Cardinal do the west point ride. He is a long lanky tough kid! After inflicting it on his little brother a few dozen times he figured it was ready for prime time! He found himself in a close match against an undeafeted returning state champ, who had not been pinned in 2 years! Late in the 3rd both gassed and having never said a word to me about it he opened his bag of tricks! Needless to say the room was stunned! A gym of 500 on their feet screaming watched my 7th grade sectional qualifier pin the champ —All the time with a smile on his face! Thanks Jake was worth a million to me! ~Coach Mike”

“For more information visit or

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