Weight Lifting And Athletic Training Concepts Commonly Overlooked

Many people are under the false impression that in order to build lean muscle mass, you just lift non stop. In reality, simply lifting weights is only half the battle; the other half consisting of concepts such as recovery, hydration, nutrition etc… This article will divulge the other half of weight training.

Like I said, the lifting is only half the battle, the reason being your body needs to properly be refueled and given the rest and recovery time it needs to properly perform. We are going to give a short summary to each commonly overlooked aspect of weight training.

Let’s start with sleep and recovery. Sleep is one of the most important functions of the body. We grow the most in our sleep and most of our important body maintenance and repair is performed while we are asleep. If we do not get the recovery time needed, our body cannot repair and rebuild our muscles stronger after weight training. This goes closely along with overtraining. Overtraining is basically working your body to hard and not giving it proper recovery time. This can actually be counterproductive in weight training.

Let’s move on to hydration and nutrition. When you weight train, your body is burning large amounts of energy and loosing significant amounts of water. Refueling your body with the proper fluids and energy is extremely important to the recovery process and the overall goal of gaining lean muscle.

Finally, one of the most important thing in training is properly warming up. If you train frequently, your body is usually in somewhat of a recovery state at almost all times. Even if you don’t train often, your muscles will be tight before starting a workout. Not stretching previous to workouts puts your body into a very susceptible state for injuries. For this reason, you must always warm up and get the blood moving through your muscles before you go into rigorous workouts. Forgetting to warm up can cause injuries which can be major setbacks to your athletic goals.

All the topics I have discussed today may seem very vague, and they are. More information on properly hydration and nutrition, proper sleep and recovery, proper warm ups, and even proper lifting technique can be found at Proper Weight Training.

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