Develop A Great Chest, Shoulders, Back And Triceps Without Lifting A Single Weight

Interested in building a great upper body through two simple exercises? Well read on and you might be pleasantly surprised to find out how much gains you can make to your upper body in a relatively short time through just two simple exercises.

When I say simple, the exercises are relatively simplistic in their explanation, however in there physical undertaking there is a certain degree of difficulty involved.

Let me explain how I was introduced to them and the rapid muscle gains I made in a very short space of time approximately three months.

My introduction to building a great chest, back, shoulders and triceps came about more by co-incidence rather than by design. It just so happened that the school I was employed at as a part time caretaker had a jungle gym that one particular bloke used almost daily performing these two exercises.

Having watched this guy over a two week period perform these two exercises almost religiously, curiosity got the better of me so I went over and asked him what he was doing and why. This guy’s name was Tom, he was about 42 although he looked 10 years younger, was of Iranian descent, about 5’6″ stocky build with a great upper body, chest, arms, shoulders and back.

He went on to explain that he had developed his Arnold like upper body physique through just these two simple exercises without pushing weights, just using his own body weight as resistance. At the time I recognised one of the exercises, chin ups and the other was an almost vertical press up between two parallel bars, commonly known as dips so I was later told.

As I mentioned while they looked simple, they were in fact two of the most difficult exercises to perform and it was one of the reasons many gym enthusiasts’ shied away from them. On the other hand those that persevered were able to make fairly rapid gains to their upper bodies in a very short time.

Having sized me up, not that there was much to size up, Tom remarked that I could do with a few extra kilo’s of muscle to my upper body and proceeded to encourage me to give these exercises a try. Having just had a lessen on the merits of these two exercises and how they were to be performed I agreed without hesitation.

Thinking that this can’t be to difficult, after all Tom was pumping out 20 sometimes 30 dips at a time followed by a set of 12-15 chin ups. Well so much for wishful thinking, I’m embarrassed to say I reached 6 dips before collapsing in a heap. Then trying to follow that up with a set of chin ups, I think I managed 2 and half before again collapsing in a heap.

I had a good excuse I thought, I hadn’t done this before. Tom wasn’t impressed and said something to the effect, you can do better than that you whimp. Well my curiosity satisfied I sheepishly made some excuse about having to go, but before I left he made me promise to come back the next day to give it another go.

Of course I did come back for more punishment and I’m glad I did, because Tom did reveal some of his secrets to his great upper body gains. One of the best tips he gave me was, do everything in sets. Small numbers at first and build up from there. For example, try and do one set of 5 dips first and then try and do another set of 5 until I could do 5 sets of 5.

Once I was comfortable doing that, increase the number to 8 reps. Do 5 sets of 8 reps, then try to do 5 sets of 10 reps and this applied to both dips and chins.

Try it, start with small numbers and you’ll start to enjoy doing them. Try doing to much and you may become discouraged and give up. Before you know it, you too will have made rapid muscle gains to your upper body, with greater definition and strength to boot.

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