Muscle Building Needs Dieting

Muscle building requires many things to make it possible. Exercise is predominantly what most people have in mind including excessive sweat-producing routines and excruciating pains in lifting and pressing. What people usually ignore is the pressure involved in dieting.

Diet, is a scary word. People misunderstand this as “not eating” of “eating only this”. Little did they know that every individual, young and old, should be aware that each one should have his or her own dietary “know-what” and “know-how”. In muscle building, since muscles are vital parts of the human anatomy, everyone should be on their toes to nurture it to be able to grow and survive, much less more on people who want it to be toned and enhanced.

When people involve themselves to programs in muscle building for the reason of stripping away fats or losing weight, it is right to say that they should consider every routine is as important as diet. It is said that any nutrient that would be lacking in the body system would crack or hurt any individual.

All food nutrients are essential in any muscle building diet. Body building experts and health professionals have devised percentages on how it would be taken. It is said that there should be a 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 20% good fats. All of which are measured to attain maximum results in building muscles. As doctors and health officials often say, all should be in moderation.

Since muscles are dependent mostly on protein, which is the building blocks of the body, there should be a menu guide that includes lean meat, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, milk, nuts etc. Nutrition experts can be consulted for basic nutritional facts on menu contents because most of our prepared meals are equipped with nutrients in different proportions, like when two protein-rich foods are in one dish.

For carbohydrates, known as the energy-giving source of the body, it should include potatoes, brown rice, whole wheat bread, fresh fruits and veggies. The body could not adapt to everyday lifting without the energy to back it up with. Most dietary conscious individuals refrain to make carbohydrate intake to avoid getting big, a misconception of many. We need most of this nutrient to boost into action because it is the force that pushes the body to move.

Fats, as people would see it, is terrifying to have. This is still another misconception. The body needs fats for certain organs to produce and manufacture hormones. It also lubricates the joints that would make weight lifting and other routine exercises would be easy to achieve without much risk of breakage and discomfort. The brain needs it also for specific functions. Dietary intake of these should mainly come from monounsaturated and polyunsaturated sources like extra virgin olive oil and flax seed oil.

To top it all, stressed out or not from exhaustive muscle building programs and dieting, the body needs large amounts of water per day. It washes away toxins, lubricates the entire body and its systems. It also refreshes all its parts. Since water comprises a huge percentage of the body mass, it should be replenished as always to avoid the risk of dehydration.

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