Increase Speed And Agility In Your Lacrosse Drills

My soccer trainer used to say, what better way to get fit than with a ball at your fit. This reminds me of the series of lacrosse drills Pat Myers grouped into a workout “blueprint” for his division one lacrosse players.


We have made this blueprint available to every coach and every player on a dvd called 30 Days to Scoring Success.


The dvd contains dozens of lacrosse drills organized into 12 separate high intensity workouts. In each workout, you are developing stick skills, dodging ability, the speed and accuracy of your shot and also your cardiovascular fitness.


“What better way to get fit than with a stick in your hand?”


Many of my fellow coaches have commented that they incorporated several of these new lacrosse drills into their practice plans and saw rapid results. The program is proven to work at the highest level of college lacrosse. Pat Myers developed it over several years of working with players at Cornell University, Bucknell and Ohio State. Several have had All American lacrosse careers and attribute a lot of their offensive growth to the lacrosse drills they performed with Coach Myers.


Perhaps the best part of the “blueprint” Pat created is that a player at any level – even beginners who are brand new to this beautiful sport – can see rapid improvements. The program begins with an explanation of the basic “push-pull” mechanics that any player needs to learn on day one of their lacrosse career. These proper mechanics become muscle memory when a beginner player practices Pat’s series of wall ball lacrosse drills 3 times a week for 15 to 30 minutes.


Other lacrosse drills Pat uses in his 30 Days to Scoring Success program are “phone booth shooting”, “torso shooting,” and “soft toss” to develop shot velocity. He stresses power before accuracy. Pat also demonstrates 6 of his favorite dodges for creating scoring opportunities, as well as a section of off-ball cutting.


Pat Myers is the assistant lacrosse coach at the University of North Carolina. His dvd, 30 Days to Scoring Success, is available online at

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