One Simple Mistake Weight Lifters Make

In the video Pumping Iron, Arnold Schwarzenegger said “pushing yourself beyond your last rep divides you from being a champion or not being a champion during your last 2 or 3 reps.” Those are the most important reps if you are trying to achieve maximum growth.  I am not saying to raise the reps and lower the sets.  Just if you are trying to reach a quick growth physic you need to overcome your peak with raising the weight.

I have made the same mistake many times in the gym.  Not keeping the motivation that I need and lifting heavy but not pushing myself beyond those last reps of the set.  Your body is quite a unique system.  It adapts, develops, and overcomes most obstacles.  Therefore if you lift a certain amount of weight, it breaks and tears your muscles.  But afterwards your muscles grow and gets stronger than ever.  Depending on the amount of weight and how many times you exercise your muscles will depend on whether you want them to cut and look more defined or bulk and look more massive.  Regardless they get stronger no matter which way you go at it.

It is important to not look at the amount of sets, or reps you are going to do.  You should take your time, and focus each and every rep one at a time as if it were your last rep of the exercise.  From time to time I have looked at the clock or finished a quick exercise leaving out one or two reps.  But believe it in order to achieve the quickest and best results in the gym, it is highly recommended to finish that last rep by adding 2 or more. 

Each exercise depending on what you are trying to accomplish will depend on how many reps and sets you do.  Usually an average of 3-5 sets with an 8-10 rep is usual.  Less than 8 reps are for bulking and strength training.  Above 10 reps and you are going a little into definition of the muscles.  8-10 reps can give you a little of both.  But keep in mind your last reps of the exercise are the most important and is the ones that count.

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