Alcohol Consumption And Muscle Building

Bodybuilders as a group are usually very conscious about what we put into our bodies — a lot more so than most other people. We are, after all, concentrating on making our bodies better — more muscles, less fat. We want strong bodies, and strong bodies are healthy bodies. We don’t eat junk food. We don’t consume “empty” calories. So why, in the name of all that’s logical, would we pour something as deadly as alcoholic beverages into these bodies we work so hard to build?

Here’s how your body responds when you consume an alcoholic beverage:

1. You consume a couple of alcoholic drinks or more.

2. Your liver metabolizes that into acetate.

3. Your body uses the acetate for fat as fuel.

As a result, your body will burn less fat.

Alcohol consumption causes:       

1. A decrease in vitamin and mineral absorption: your liver is too busy converting alcohol to acetate to bother with the vitamins and minerals that you’re consuming. Detoxification takes a while.

2. A decrease in protein synthesis of type II fibers. Muscle building is slowed down by at least 20%.

3. Dehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic.

4. A decreased quality of sleep. You might go to sleep more quickly, but your sleep will not be sound or long.

5. An increase in appetite. Enough said!

There’s no way that I can deliver this message in terms that are strong enough. If you want to build muscle mass, if you want that six pack, if you really want a ripped body, stay away from alcohol. Even ONE drink can undo all of the work that you’ve put in for an entire week at the gym.

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