Easily Gain 10 Pounds Of Muscle In 3 Days – Are You Nuts!

“How to gain 10 pounds of muscle in just three days” the big advert in that muscle building magazine promises you.

A bodybuilder with huge muscles, grinning away at you, and some before and after pictures have you awestruck.

Well placed phrases like “scientifically proven” and “the secret professionals use” will cause you to reach for your telephone and credit card.

But hold your fire!

I’m sorry, but it just isn’t possible to gain 10 pounds of muscle in 3 days.

The only means to do it may be to attach extra muscles using some top-secret surgical procedure.

No matter what the adverts promise you, you shouldn’t believe them.

Each and every one of these adverts, magazines, and internet websites are nothing more than a multi-billion dollar scam and the ones doing it are the supplement industry.

Here’s what this multi-billion dollar industry does…

Every day, it puts out these commercials, complete with false testimonials and inadequate research showing how their health supplements are the best and how they can help you gain 10 pounds of muscle in a fairly short time.

In point of fact, it’s all a huge swindle.

While there are definitely a few effective supplements available, even those can’t make you gain 10 pounds of muscle right away.

The reality is that nothing can take the place of demanding workouts in the gym, not even the top supplements.

No matter what the assertion is, if a supplement claims to help you gain 10 pounds of muscle or burn fat at thrice the normal rate, you should make a decision on how good the supplement is based mostly on sound research and not sham testimonials.

If such a supplement did exist, wouldn’t everybody know about it and trainers the world over recommend it?

It is feasible to gain 10 pounds of muscle, but not in 3 days.

Follow this regimen:

Go to the gym frequently, work out all parts of your body scientifically, overload your workouts progressively, eat well, and rest well; very soon you won’t just gain 10 pounds of muscle, but considerably more.

Although not in the way depicted in the ads, supplementation can also help you to achieve your aims.

Truthfully, only a small number of supplements available in the market can help you improve your results.

When looking at these ads and testimonials, use logic and take them with a pinch of salt, since most of the testimonials are inaccurate or made up.

So-called research claiming that you can add 10 pounds of muscle in quickly cunningly brings you to believe that the assessments were performed on people, but it is frequently faked or altered.

In actuality, though, the tests were most likely done on rats or mice, and you can’t relate the data from this made-up research to human beings.

Seek out a reference from the research material, and cross check it online at PubMed Central.

After you do, odds are that you’ll see that the research simply doesn’t exist, and if it does, it’s almost certainly distorted.

There is a way to gain 10 pounds of muscle naturally – not in 3 days – but in the fastest way possible. Would you like to find out the candid truth about how it can be done?

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