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The average person cannot train like a Pro Bodybuilder and achieve the results they’re after. Most Bodybuilders don’t train naturally and are genetically gifted. Doing their routines aren’t going to help you build muscle faster. The average person must take a different approach. An approach that prevents mental and physical overtraining from doing too much too soon and that builds muscle quickly.

First you’re going to have to get stronger. More strength is by definition, more muscle. Weight lifting is perfect because it allows you to start light and endlessly add weight. Body-weight exercises are effective, too. Lift your heaviest weights using barbells; more weight is more stress, thus breaking down your muscles and helping them grow. Dumbbells are great for an assistant exercise, but not effective as your main lift.

It’s important to train your full body. Squats work your whole body and therefore are a very important exercise. Your body tenses and will work as one piece to help you lift the weight.
Just as important as it is to lift to build muscle, you must remember to rest. The Pro’s work-out five to six times per week, but they don’t start that way. You risk overtraining if you jump into their routines and as a beginner, you need more time for recovery.  Your muscles grow when in a resting state, not while you work out. Additionally, sleep is extremely important. Growth hormones are released while you sleep, which also help to build muscle.
Make sure to drink plenty of water as being properly hydrated helps with muscle recovery and remember your training is useless if you’re not getting the proper nutrition. You need food for energy and for muscle growth. More frequent meals also boost your metabolism, helping fat loss. Protein is the most important of the foods you’ll intake.  You need 1 gram protein per pound of body-weight daily to build and maintain muscle mass. Make it a goal to eat a protein with each meal and snack.

Persistence is keep. Track your progress and persist until you’ve built the body you want.

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