Building Muscle Without Weights

A lot of people go to the gym and lift weights to build muscle, but you can use body weight exercises at home to reach your muscle building goals.  Building muscle without weights is a great way to save money on fitness memberships, without having to buy an expensive setup for home use.  Here are some ways to make body weight exercise more effective.

First of all, to build muscle without weights, you need to choose the correct exercises.  Work more than one muscle group at a time by using compound exercises.  This will give you the results you want faster.  Some good exercise options include push ups, pull ups, lunges, and body weight squats.  Start with three to five compound exercises and complete three sets each.  This is a great way to start out, but be sure to change up the exercises every four to six weeks to keep challenging your muscles.

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Building muscle without weights can be carried out by completing a bunch of repetitions, or by changing the intensity of the exercise.  You can start simply by attempting to complete as many reps as you can without stopping.  Set a target for 100 repetitions.  You can also limit the quantity of rest in between sets in order to make the workout more difficult.

For you to boost the training intensity, complete the workout reps gradually.  Implement four counts in order to complete the positive phase, as well as another 4 counts over the negative stage of each rep.  For example, when completing a pushup count to four as you bring down your body to the carpet.  Count four more as you raise your entire body again to the beginning.  Increase the number of counts to make each work out increasingly difficult.

An additional way to start building muscle without weights can be to use more demanding variations of exercise movements.  Practice one arm pushups or hand stand pushups as an alternative to standard military pushups.  Take a crack at one arm pull ups rather than regular pull ups.  As soon as body weight squats become too comfortable and easy, use the one leg squat in order to challenge yourself.  Pushups are able to be made more challenging simply by raising your feet, striving to complete clap pushups, or both.  Practice jump squats when you would like to increase the intensity to standard body weight squats or even one leg squats.

While building muscle without weights, you will still need to rest your muscle groups prior to exercising them once again.  Don’t complete the very same workouts two days straight.  The body demands time to recover and repair lean muscle tissue.  Whenever you do not give your muscles enough time to recover, you might damage your health and take a longer time to build lean muscle mass.

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