Get Jacked in 2010 With the Hugh Workout – Explosive Wolverine Workout 11

Hi everyone and welcome to Hugh workout 11.  Another dynamite workout is on the table to get you jacked for 2K10!  For this workout, do a tempo of 1 up and 2 down.  Circuit training will be the name of the game so try and do 3 to 5 circuits of these 5 exercises in order to get the Wolverine workout 11 under your belt!  Fresh and new for 2K10 so now lets get in on it!

Hugh Workout 11

Exercise 1:  Thumbs Up Push Up for Back & Chest Development

Put yourself in a push up position but instead of having your palms face down and your hands parallel to your body, place your body weight on your fist with your thumbs up by spreading your arms out fairly wide and in front of you with a bend in the elbows.  Proceed to push your body up and down and do as many reps as you can to failure.

Exercise 2:  Single Dumbbell Clean and Press

Take a 30 pound dumbbell and place it on the floor and set yourself up in a deadlift position.  Clean the dumbbell with one arm to your shoulder and press it above your head.  Do 25 reps on each arm.

Exercise 3:  Dumbbell Bicep Hammer Curl

Do 10 to 12 reps.

Exercise 4:  Bench Dips

Do 10 to 12 Reps

Exercise 5:  Ab Rollers

Use a preacher curl bar and load it with a 25 pound plate on each side.  Put the clips on and test to see that it rolls forward smoothly.  Once it does, go on your knees and grasp the preacher curl bar in a close grip position with your palms facing down.  With the bar in front of you, flex your abs and roll forward ensuring your back remains straight with no sag.  Fully extend, hold and move back keeping tension on the mid section at all times.  Repeat the exercise until failure.

The Hugh workout number 11 is intense, so go through each exercise and mark down your stats.  Then next time you do it, you will be able to compare and will give you something to improve upon.

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