Workout Routine Dumbbell – Simple Routine To Builb Muscle Mass With Dumbbells

Starting with a simple workout routine makes building muscle mass fun and keeps your goals obtainable. Get started with a workout routine using dumbbells, keeping your reps low and gradually working the your reps up each week. Keep the weight reasonable, you’re not looking for a heavy burn in your first set. And remember to use a light weight before starting your routine and warm up your muscles.

Adding a healthy diet to your dumbbell routine can increase your results significantly. Using healthy meal plans can significantly jump start your muscle building. Don’t be fooled, healthy and clean eating is a huge part of building muscle mass fast with this dumbbell routine.

With this simple dumbbell routine laid out below, the weight of your dumbbells will remain the same throughout the four weeks. Each routine having it’s own targeted weight. After completing week four with no problems, which means you finish all your required reps with no problems, then you can increase your weight 10% and re-start the routine all over again using sets and reps from week 1. Perform this routine on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, along with some cardio on the off days, Tuesday and Thursday.

Below are six workout routine dumbell exercises for you to start with, if you are not sure of proper form for these routines, check youtube, search for the each routine, ie; dumbbell leg lunges to get some examples or go to to get a complete muscle building guide with video instructions.

Workout Routine Dumbbell: (Mon. – Wed. – Fri)
1. leg lunges
2. bench press
3. bent over rows
4. shoulder press
5. dead lifts
6. arm curls
7. calf raises

Sets and Reps:
Week 1 thru 4 sets @ 8 reps
Week 2 thru 4 sets @ 9 reps
Week 3 thru 4 sets @ 10 reps
Week 4 thru 4 sets @ 11 reps
Week 5 thru 4 sets @ 12 reps (Increase weight by 10%)

Make sure and add at least 20 minutes of cardio on your off days.

I started out as a 270 lb. weak and lazy 39 year old man. Now I’m a 225 lb. confident and ripped 40 year old man with the body of a 20 year old, thanks to the information at

It all started with a simple workout routine using dumbbells

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