The Tiger Woods Example to Bodybuilding and Fitness Training

There’s Virtue in Remaining Honorable even after Bodybuilding Success, Optimal Health or Admirable Physical Fitness Gains

Bodybuilding as a career is the most challenging of all endeavors. This is especially so when success beckons and the glory of achievement is plain for all to see. Tiger Woods played golf and still plays with an exceptional mastery. He flourished in the art until he won the hearts of a million and one fans across the world. He became an icon to so many professional and armatures golfers. Yet in one flirting moment, he fell to a ditch that he might never be able to climb out of. That is the example bodybuilders must learn from.


Tiger Woods gives us an opportunity to reflect on our lives as professional bodybuilders. Bodybuilding is a process of growth. Growth of muscle, growth of strength and growth of character. Having the bulk and loosing out on character will make us shells, giant shells that are loathed by the very society that would otherwise admire our hard won achievements. There is no achievement that can be respected if it is not pillared by character.

The Lessons We Must Learn

Consider this. Tiger Woods ranks among the finest American golfers to ever swing a club. Mentored and trained by his father from a very young age, Tiger Woods would eventually become exceptionally proficient in golf by the age of eight. He was actually on Good Morning America at the age of eight showing of his golfing skills. Starting with an impressive number of US golf titles after he cleared at Stanford University, Tiger would eventually turn professional in 1996. One year after, he won the US Masters at an age of 21, the youngest ever and the only African American to clinch the title. From there on, he was to become a legend.

We all know of his illustrious path towards the number one slot of the Official World Golf Rankings. It took effort, sacrifice and determination for Tiger to transverse across the US Open to the British Open and become the lead money earner in all. It took the greatest commitment to his game to bag the eighth Arnold Palmer Award on PGA tours. Perhaps the people who can understand what it takes to be this good, are those who spend their days pumping pounds upon pounds of solid iron. Men and women who know what it means to hit the bench until absolute muscle failure. Men and women who know what commitment to dieting and training demands costs, and how serious one needs to be to gain an inch of muscle mass.

Professional and even armature bodybuilders know what it means to train and train hard until you win your first belt on a bodybuilding platform. The path towards the flexing of muscle you see on stage, is a path of pain and of absolute self-sacrifice. Yet with dedication and persistence, many a bodybuilders usually succeed. Many achieve their dream physiques while others are crowned regional, national and international champions. Success in bodybuilding is inevitable once you follow the path of self-sacrifice and determined persistence.

Nevertheless, after striking that success, after accomplishing the glory that comes with a hard-rock physique that is packed and defined to perfection, a fall from glory becomes far too easy. Many bodybuilders loose their molding character the moment they taste success. The success becomes the very source of their woes. Sexual orgies, eating disorders, pride, arrogance and social discordance become the defining conduct of most successful bodybuilders. The very fact that they have amazing bodies, bodies that everybody admires, they forget the humble and strenuous path they took to the top. Success gets into their head and they get totally drunk.


Tiger Woods will remain a classic example of what lack of character can do to even the most successful social icon. With bodybuilding glory, there will be an added responsibility of upholding morals and self-control. The height chattered by some of the founding fathers of bodybuilding was noble and heroic. Such ought to be our role models and not the obnoxious few who though having muscles was having it all.  You better not forget what virtue, what honor, what integrity and what respect is to be found in a humble achiever.

Machahi John Joel is a successful body builder who has spent the last four years pumping iron. It is from this background that he now writes expert articles trying to expound on the link between bodybuilding, health and physical fitness. Learn more about that critical link at In this information age, you need a digital connection to a happy life.

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