Exercises to Sculpt Your Body and Burn Fat 101

Powerful exercises to sculpt your body and burn fat aren’t all that hard to come across. The market is filled with exercises which claim to get you that perfect physique in no time at all and I mean no time! But a lot of these are basically marketing gimmicks targeted at hapless people who will do anything to lose weight and let’s face it; the best bodies are not built with the help of expensive equipment. Na uh, they’re built the natural way!

Exercises Which Are Guaranteed To Give You a Makeover

Squats and Deadlifts: If you’re looking to build muscle then you’ll seldom find any exercises which are better than the combination of these two deadly exercises. This is because they work a whole lot of muscle groups in your body and that is what leads to muscle building. They are also pretty grueling, so people tend to avoid them, but stick with them and you’ll be on your way to gaining that dream body in no time!

  1. Bounces: Try the basic bounce; it’s simple, yet highly effective. When you’re bouncing on that trampoline, make sure your feet never leave the surface of the trampoline and keep a good hold on that stabilizer bar as well. After you master this, you can bounce and lift your feet slightly above the trampoline. Along with this, try the jumping jack bounce and the heel-toe bounce.
  2. Weights: The basic path followed by most people who want to build muscles is weight training. By varying the weights you work with and doing different muscle sets on different days, you can get the body that you desire. But make sure, that you work yourself out to exhaustion, you don’t want your muscles getting used to lifting the same weights everyday do you? That’s not going to get you anywhere.
  3. Cardio: For burning fat, nothing works as well as cardio! Low to medium intensity cardio workouts every day is what works best for fat burning. So make sure you’re spending half an hour on the treadmill everyday, or better yet, walking or jogging in the park, along with your muscle workout.

Getting your dream body, or anywhere close to it, is quite a daunting task, but by performing powerful exercises to sculpt your body and burn fat, you can go a long way!

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