10 Exercise Explosive Giant Set Shows How to Get Massive Strength, Muscle & Definition in Your Back!

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Back development is all about sets and reps and if you want to know how to get massive strength, muscle and definition in your back, then this workout is just the ticket!  Its a 10 exercise super set marathon that hits all corners of the back and is guaranteed to get you a crazy pump and get you a stronger, more muscular and more defined back in just a few workouts.  That’s if you can complete it of course!

Exercise 1:  Lat Pull Down for Warm Up

10 Reps

Exercise 2:  Incline Bench Reverse Row

10 Reps

Exercise 3:  Incline Bench Reverse Shrugs

10 Reps

Exercise 4:  Seated Barbbell Shrugs

10 Reps

Exercise 5:  Straight Leg Bent Over Barbbell Row

10 Reps

Exercise 6:  Bent Over Barbell Row

10 Reps

Exercise 7:  Super Set – Partial Dead Lift & Shrugs

10 Reps per Exercise

Exercise 8:  Straight Leg Bent Over Dumbbell Fly’s

10 Reps

Exercise 9:  Reverse Grip Bent Over Row

10 Reps

Exercise 10:  Straight Leg Smith Machine Row

10 Reps

As mentioned above, move from one exercise to another taking as little breaks as possible.  The goals is to be able to complete this giant set without taking a break.  This is how to get massive strength in your back!

We used a lot of variety in this workout, moving from barbbells to dumbbells and even throwing in the lat machine.  This is key to back development.  You want to hit all different areas of the back with as many different exercises as possible.

Implement this workout into your back routine over the coming weeks and then switch it up.  You can either choose substitute exercises or use the same exercises in a different order but make sure to change the amount of reps and change the tempo of each rep.  This strategy should not only be used for back but for your entire body and weekly workout routine.  Therefore, for maximum results, plan out your workout strategy over several weeks or months and make sure every couple weeks you are moving between circuit training and non circuit training phases and altering the sets, reps and tempo.  This is the best way how to get strength, muscle and definition to your body!

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Frank Marconi has been working out for over ten years and specializes in circuit training workouts and nutrition in order to help people achieve that ripped, athletic and muscular look.

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