Strategies for Building Muscle – How to Build Chest Muscle Fast with Dumbbells

The chest is the body part, which stands front and center in every front pose, and is featured prominently in most side poses as well. On the other hand, a strong chest immediately places the competitor into the upper echelon of placings.

For most people, myself included, the chest is one of the fastest muscles to grow. Chest muscle building can be fun and very productive if you know the right routine for making it happen. Most bodybuilders start their weekly workout routine with chest day, and for good reason. A weak chest immediately relegates that competitor to the bottom half of the placings.

That is because we use our chest for many daily activities and then when you put weights on top of that it is bound to grow. The chest is my favorite muscle to work. You get that great pump and you feel like a million bucks when you are done. The chest is the focal point of the eyes when they first see a physique. I will give you our personal routine so you can learn from us.

Bodybuilding and fitness plays an especially crucial role in general health. If you are looking to succeed with your bodybuilding, it is vital you focus on all facets of the sphere. If you do not execute prefect reps when you are bodybuilding, you are likely to injure yourself when training.

Everything from lifting, aerobics, your diet, the mental aspect, and the amount of sleep you get. It is important that you perform proper reps when you are bodybuilding. These will be specifically chosen to target the different muscle groups. An exercise routine that is effectively performed regularly will certainly help with general fitness levels. This will normally involve a variety of different training exercises that will be done on several days of the week.

Before beginning with a good chest workout program, it is important that we know the muscles that we are dealing with, so that we can design an effective program to develop them.

Your chest is made up of the pectoral muscle – both the major and the minor. The pectoral muscle is the large muscle that lies over the pectoral minor, starts at the breastbone and wraps around the chest and anchors itself near the armpit. The muscle can be divided into a lower and upper section. It is this large muscle that will be the focus of our attention.

You must decide what works best for you by experimenting with each exercise. Now, here’s my list of the Top 3 starter exercises for building the big, muscular chest that you desire! They’re not listed in any particular order, so there’s no reason to think that one particular exercise is better than another. But rest assured that any chest-building program that includes all of these exercises will definitely add inches, symmetry and power to your pecs.

1. Dumbbell Bench Press

Dumbbell Bench Press is one of my favorite exercises for building mass, shape and power in my pecs. Try it and you’ll soon feel this way too! Unlike barbell bench press which often causes shoulder pain and risks rotator cuff injury, this exercise allows you to comfortably stretch your pecs through a greater range of motion to stimulate more muscle fibers for enhanced growth and shape.

And if you really want to build strength in your chest, balancing and controlling each dumbbell during high intensity sets requires considerably more power than it does to complete the same motion with a barbell. If you don’t believe me, consider the following. If your one-rep maximum in the barbell bench press is 250 pounds, you might logically assume that you could work with two 125 dumbbells for your Dumbbell Bench Press.

But if you actually tried to do this you’d be in for a big surprise! Bench press with dumbbells is harder and requires more strength than the barbell variety. I recommend it for beginners because the difficulty lies not in the technical aspects of the lift, but in the strength required to complete it. And the sooner you start developing the strength in your chest necessary to effectively complete this exercise, the better.

2. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

The size, shape and strength building benefits of Incline Dumbbell Bench Press are basically the same as discussed in Exercise #1 above. The basic difference is that these benefits are concentrated in the upper portion of your pecs. If you’ve never done this exercise before or if you’ve only done it with a barbell, remember that Incline Dumbbell Bench Press requires and builds more strength than doing the same movement with a barbell.

That means you’ll need to experiment initially with different poundage to find the amount of weight that you can lift with proper training technique. Remember, don’t try to impress or keep up with anyone else in the gym – especially when you’re first starting out. And don’t worry about those guys doing nothing but incline barbell bench press. They’ll be shocked when they see your chest after disciplined and consistent training with this exercise.

3. Flat Bench Dumbbell Flys

Flat Bench Dumbbell Flys are designed to build well defined, massive pecs by isolating resistance on the chest as much as possible with strict training technique. Such technique requires the controlled movement of the dumbbells over your chest with your back and shoulders planted firmly on a flat or incline workout bench. This means you shouldn’t try to do this exercise with excessively heavy weight (I suggest poundage that allows you to do 10-12 reps).

Make sure that you don’t jerk the dumbbells together with bodyweight or shoulder assistance. This type of cheating on training technique deprives the chest of the work it needs to grow and simply wastes time. If done properly, this exercise will thicken and shape the “pec-delt tie-ins” where your chest and shoulders meet to give your pecs a full and wide frontal appearance.


Chicken breasts, turkey breasts, protein powder, eggs and milk are good sources of cheap protein. Furthermore, you should eat 6 meals a day instead of 3 meals a day, or every 3 hours. Eating this way increases your metabolic rate helping you to stay leaner, keeps blood insulin levels stable, and increases energy levels throughout the day.

Weight gain protein shakes is a good idea too,it can help building muscles fast. Even though buying the premixed weight gainers is an option, It’s better to make your own as they are quick and easy to make.

If you’re not sure that you’re eating well enough, you should consider adding high quality nutritional supplement to your diet. There are some good carbohydrate supplements in the form of powders, shakes, energy bars etc. Good quality protein shakes or protein drinks are definitely useful for muscle building as well. Be sure to read the labels of these products and avoid brands that have a lot of sugar, preservatives or additives in them.

Doing regular stretches on the chest is a pivotal point, too. While using weights for the exercising routine, the quantity of weights should be changed in every sets, because it is the most vital and the focal point of the muscle building routine. Keep in mind, not to put major stress on one particular part of the chest, the stress should be evenly and equally distributed on the whole chest, for the best muscle building result.

If you want to transform your body into an attractive, ripped physique, then you need to start training the right way. A bodybuilding plan will eliminate all the guess work and take you straight to your goals in the shortest time possible.

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