How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle in Less Time

If a person really wants to burn fat and lose weight, most of the time they turn to a cardiovascular workout. What many people do not realize that they need to build muscle to burn fat. This is the whole concept behind popular workouts.

A cardiovascular workout may be a great starting point to losing weight, but over a certain period of time you may notice that you stop losing weight and soon your weight starts to plateau. This is because your body has become accustomed to the exercise and it no responds the same way. When you start adding weights into your workout, your body becomes challenged once again and the weight starts dropping off again.

You are going to learn the three easy-to-follow rules which will help you burn the fat quickly. Actually, it all happens so quickly that you will just see the results and still not believe what is going on.

Being on a special slim diet.

This takes really a very special place in your successful fight with the excess fat. Predictably, there are foods which you are allowed to eat, foods which are not recommended to be consumed (you can consume them in small quantities) and foods which are absolutely forbidden for you to consume. The first group contains all vegetables, apples and other products which do not contain a lot of calories but instead are full with vitamins, minerals and other micro and macro elements.

The food which you can but it is not recommended to eat often is all kind of meat (lamb, pork, chicken etc). Do not consume meat more than 3-4 times a week; you should have at least 2-3 days in the week in which you do not have any meat in your meals throughout the day.

Doing a lot of exercise.

The exercise should be a compulsory part of your routine if you really want to burn the fat quickly. You have to spend at least an hour on doing the exercise you have chosen to do (the duration also varies from exercise to exercise). Never make a compromise when it is about your time meant for exercising as one day missing it is enough to ruin all your efforts you had made. Spending some time in the fitness is also a good idea but not obligatory: if you have to choose between exercise in the fitness and outdoor exercises, you should definitely choose the second option as the results will come sooner and be better.

Having a good rest and sleep every day.

No, it is not a mistake! If you want to lose fat quickly and effectively, you really need to get a good sleep every day and even get addition day rests in the afternoon. It sounds illogical to you?! There is a perfect explanation which will help you understand why this third, and last, step is so crucial if you want to burn your body’s fat quickly. It is proved that the good exercise is not enough for your body to get rid of the fat and for your muscles to develop and become stronger.

Your body and muscles also need a lot of rest and time so as to do all these transformations. That is why you need to get at least a nine-hour sleep every day, and sleep at least 1-2 hour in the afternoon if possible. By doing this, your muscles will start developing much faster and you will see the first results really very soon. It is important not to neglect this third golden tip which is not less important than the other two and plays its crucial role into the process called “fat burning”.

So, if you want to build muscle and lose weight… and not destroy your wallet with costs of endless pills and potions you have to include the other parts of the equation. If you’re looking at diet pills, remember they are only ever going to be part of the solution. They will probably all say that the results will only occur if you ALSO eat a healthier diet and take some exercise, so do just that…follow ALL the instructions.

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