How to Tone Obliques – The Facts That You Need to Know to Achieve Results

How to tone obliques is the question on many peoples lips. They suffer from lazy oblique muscles because of age or a lack of exercise. They also throw themselves blindly into exercise routines that will never work for three very good reasons. Read on to discover what they are.

Our oblique muscles are the muscles at the side of our tummies. They are very often covered with layers of fat that are called love handles. Many people in their effort to tone the oblique muscles will assume that with toning the love handles will disappear.

That is the first step where people go wrong. The most important part of how to tone obliques is to get rid of your love handles first. If you do not get rid of the love handles then any work done on the oblique muscles will not be visible simply because they will be hidden by a layer of fat.

The second step where a majority of people make mistakes is that they either go on a diet or just do exercises alone. One of these options does not work on its own. You have to do both at the same time to see maximum results.

The third mistake when it comes to knowing how to tone your obliques is to do an all over body workout, and not just exercises on your oblique muscles. Just performing exercises on the oblique muscles will drain your energy and have no effect at all.

Now that we have busted the reasons about why people do not achieve in toning their oblique muscles, lets discover what does work.

1 – A diet that does not consist of fat storage foods. The aim of the diet is to bring your overall body fat percentage down to 10% whilst at the same time give you energy to work out. Our guide gives you more information on the types of food to avoid and the types of food that should be enjoyed in abundance.

2 – Along with the diet, an all over body work out is needed. By working the body all over, four times a week for half an hour, the energy flowing through your body will burn fat up quicker than if you just did oblique exercises. Good activities that contribute towards an all over body work out are walking and swimming and we can recommend further exercises in our guide. With a good diet and an all over body work out, at the end of a month you will look fitter than ever.

So to recap what we learned on how to tone obliques.

• You must get rid of your love handles first by getting your body fat percentage down to 10%

• The eating plan are foods that prevent fat storage and encourage the body to use existing fat as energy.

• The eating plan must be combined with an all over body work out. The results of this will be seen within a month and your question of how to tone obliques will be a thing of the past.

David Hayford – Ezine author

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