Strength Training: A Key Component Of Fat Loss

If you have been actively trying to lose weight, and you have not been getting the kind of results you are after, then you need to replace a losing game by trying something new and different. Despite the greatest intentions, many people find that despite following a sound nutrition plan and doing lots of cardio exercise, they are not losing very much weight, or they start off losing weight but quickly arrive at a plateau and experience diminishing returns. Often, the secret to getting better results is simply to blend a usual cardio routine, like running on the treadmill or the elliptical machine, with a simple strengh-training regimen.

Although you technically gain weight by adding lean muscle mass through strength-training, it is the kind of weight you want, not the kind that will make your jeans harder to get into – in actuality, each pound of lean muscle mass you gain will add 100 calories to your “resting metabolic rate” (RMR). That’s the amount of calories you burn in a day just by sitting on the couch or lying in bed. Therefore, adding weight training to your fitness routine can boost your results.

Women are often concerned that lifting weights will produce them an unwanted, “muscle-bound” appearance, but this is not the case at all – women’s bodies respond differently to strength training than men’s, and no heavy weights are required. The only outcome will be increased muscle tone.

To find the best way to start adding strength training to your routine, check with a qualified personal trainer at your local gym and tell them what your goals are. They can then go about putting together a custom routine for you that will allow you to take full advantage of your results.

If you would preferably not join a gym, there are also many good quality books available on strength training for weight loss – look online for reviews to find one that appears to fit your individual goals.

When you begin with a weight-training routine, the most important thing is to steer clear of injury – never lift a weight with a “jerking” motion, and if possible have someone on hand to assist you if needed when you are lifting a weight over your head, just in case you begin to lose control of it.

Weight training is not a cure-all – you must definitely keep good nutrition and cardio as core elements of your fitness routine – but it can beyond doubt speed up your results, leaving your metabolism elevated for as much as 24 hours following a workout (cardio only raises your metabolic rate during your workout, or for only a short time afterward).

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