How to Burn Fat and Build Muscle Quickly – Even For Those Hardgainers

If you are new to weightlifting the general rule of thumb to increase your strength and size is to workout three days a week. You can do whole body workouts on these days or split your bodyparts over the three days. If you find that your body can handle three times a week then try a two day a week split until you build up your stamina.

There is no reason to rush yourself if you are a beginner. Your body needs time to adjust to the new forces you are placing on it and your muscles will respond much better if they are allowed to gradually adjust.

Building muscle mass for hardgainers effectively means that you have to learn to listen to your body. It will tell you if you are doing too much or too little. Your muscles need adequate time to rest in between workouts in order to repair and grow. If you are returning to the gym after a previous workout and you feel sluggish and fatigued you are likely not ready to lift again. Your body is sending you a signal that it needs more rest. You should feel rested and ready to workout again.

To properly gain lean muscle mass, you have to follow some key rules:

1. Nutrition: How can you expect to consistently gain lean muscle mass if you’re not supplying your body any fuel to grow? Doing weights, let alone gaining muscle is a very exhausting process. You could be actually be sabotaging not only your chances of gaining muscle but also your health by pushing yourself without eating properly. We all know that protein is what makes us bigger, but how do we know what kind of protein, ie. meat, powders, supplements etc, is best for our body?

2. Rest: This is a point which is hardly discussed in many reputable men’s fitness resources. Many men are led to believe that the more they workout, the bigger they get. This is not true. Rest, properly taken in conjunction with working out is what makes you gain lean muscle. Only in the resting process will your body physically grow bigger. Feeling your muscles grow while you’re pumping the iron is simply post exercise pump and subsequently disappears once you stop.

3. Sets vs Reps: Ah, the old sets vs reps debate. It has raged on for aeons since the cave man found out that lifting heavy rocks made him stronger. You get people on both sides: more sets and less reps and vice versa. What exactly is better? In reality, there is only one winner if you want to gain lean muscle. Could you be burning off your muscle by doing the wrong thing?

If you’re finding that you’re even more confused than you started off, that’s good. Please realize that that’s what the muscle industry wants to happen to you and that they are very good at it. The truth is that there is not top muscle routine to help gain lean muscle mass, since every man’s metabolism and body type is different. However, if there is anything you can trust, it’s that any man can get lean muscle if they find a muscle routine that suits them.

There are websites, magazines and other media dedicated to hardgainers and they’re some of the best ways to remind yourself that you can achieve the body you’ve always worked hard on achieving. You can read articles and fish for insights on how to improve your chances of overcoming nature with your willpower. Of course, no willpower works when you don’t labor for your goal, so stop complaining and keep pumping that iron.

Don’t even take it too seriously because that could be frustrating. Just take it one day at a time while keeping your mind busy with other worthwhile activities. One day, you’ll wake up and discover that you’re starting to look good in that body hugger.

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