How to Build Lean Muscle Mass – Pack on 10 Pounds of Muscle Fast With Proper Training

There are no hard and fast rules for building muscle mass that will be 100% effective for every single person. This is because everyone is genetically different and building muscle will be different for each individual. Some exercises or nutritional methods are going to be a lot more effective than others. So learning the correct methods will often be the best way to build muscle mass and this may take some trial and error.

The first thing to understand is that you don’t have to be in the gym for 24 hours a day to build big muscles. Actually, if you train too hard it can have the reverse effect and stop the muscles from growing as big as what they could be. This is because the muscles actually grow when they are resting, so if you don’t rest them it will affect how big they grow to.

Another tip is to make sure your weights are heavy enough to push the muscles in the right way. This means lifting heavier weights for fewer reps. You only need to do 6-8 reps per set to gain the most benefit from the particular exercise. Anymore than that and it is only tiring the muscle and will not build it up.

First off, you need to keep things simple. You are not going to see results if you make things complicated. If you are a natural hardgainer like me, you can’t follow bodybuilding routines that you see in muscle magazines. You also cannot grow muscles by spending 2+ hours per day at the gym, but if you are a complete beginner, I am sure that you will see some results no matter what you do.

In order to get lean you have to combine cardiovascular exercise into your regimen, which means going on the treadmill or the bike after your weight workout. Meanwhile you are going to have to eat enough food so that the muscles grow. And in order to get ripped you have to eat the right foods, so as not to develop fat. Here’s the formula:

1. Eat Big. You are going to have to increase your calories and protein to gain muscle mass. Find a ”zone” where you are able to keep your calories up, yet at the same time they are not too high that you are gaining fat. What most people find is cutting their carb intake and replacing it either with more protein or small amounts of fat will get them in their personal zone.

2. Lift Big. In order to gain muscle mass through a weight lifting workout program you are going to have to perform your exercises with enough weight and repetition where your body is forced to grow bigger. This is generally to the point where muscular failure is achieved. Usually working with a weight that you can 5-8 reps with is ideal when trying to build muscle.

3. Do Cardio! No way around it really. If you are eating big, lifting strong, you need to add that cardio to get lean and make sure you don’t gain fat. Rather than doing cardio in a fashion that is exhausting and will overly tax your body, perform cardio in a more moderate manner for a period of 30-45 minutes. Usually walking at fast pace where you can still maintain conversation is ideal for fat burning to get lean. You’re targeting the fat, and not tapping into major muscle breakdown, thus not sacrificing the hard earned muscle mass gain that you achieved through your weightlifting.

Proper intake of nutrients is the second factor to be considered to gain muscle mass. You have to take many nutrients to get the best nutrition. These include Vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and proteins. Proteins are the most important nutrient required so make sure you select a quality source.

Perfect rest is very essential to gain muscle mass. After doing high energy required weight training and after taking very balanced diet, you should require ideal relaxation. You cannot compromise on it. If you are not taking perfect rest for body, it will affect your mind as well. That can lead to the deterioration of mind and body health.

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