Easy Techniques to Increase Your Bench Press

Learning how to increase your bench press is one of the major steps you will take as a serious weightlifter. This will distinguish you between the recreational weightlifter and the seasoned gym rat. And believe me, I would take the latter any day of the week. In order to increase your bench press there are some things that you will need to do.

Get your triceps stronger.

When you see guys with big arms, the biggest misconception is that they got them from doing a lot of bicep work. This could not be further from the truth. The guys with the big arms usually do a lot of heavy tricep workouts. Want bigger guns? Work your triceps. This also has a nice side effect. Having stronger triceps allows you to push more weight on any pressing movements. The military shoulder press and the bench press utilize a lot of tricep power during pushing movements. Increasing strength in your triceps will have you putting up bigger weight on the bench press.

Focus on lower reps and higher weights.

If it is an increase in the bench press you desire then don’t work out like you want to get leaner. If you want to put up big weight in your bench press then you need to focus on pushing heavier weights. There is a simple a formula I always share with people. If you want leaner, more cut muscles then do a lot of reps and low weights. However, if you want bigger muscles and more strength then push heavier weights for lower reps. It is as simple as that. Also remember that you have to incrementally increase the weight to avoid injury.

For your bench press to increase it is crucial that you do not concentrate solely on strict isolation in the Pecs and triceps, but that you develop total body power and strength. Believe it or not you do utilize your entire body to lift the weight in the bench press. Position yourself on the bench and try to arch the back as much as possible while keeping the shoulders, head, and butt on the bench. This position will lessen the distance the bar must travel and will also allow the legs to drive the shoulders into the bench for much greater power.

Step One

Start off your chest day at the beginning of the week. As the week wears on and you become mentally and physically tired and drained, so will your drive to get in the gym. Heading to the gym when you really don’t feel like it both mentally and physically is not a good idea, so make sure you it the gym at the beginning of the week when you are fresh. This will give you the best chance to work the hardest and put in your best effort.

Step Two

Train with heavy weights. Okay, so this one sounds like a no brainer, but if you want to push heavy weights then you will have to train with heavy weights. Increase your weight incrementally and be sure to have a spotter on hand to help push you through sticking points.

Step Three

Strengthen assisting muscles such as the triceps muscles. Your triceps muscles will help you push the weight off your chest so getting them stronger will also help you push more weight and increase your bench press.

Following these simple steps you can push more weight on your bench press. However, you need to put the work and dedication in and follow a proven plan and routine to get you there. Not every bench press routine works for everyone so experiment with different exercises and techniques to see what works best for you. Doing so will help you put up more weight and muscle in no time.

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