Six Pack Abs in 12 Months – The Five Tricks of the Trade

If you are one of the thousands of men who want to know how to get six pack abs in 12 months then it can be done in a healthy and mean way. There are some shortcuts and tricks of the trade however that do not work and defeat the aim.

1 – Protein powders or supplements are not needed. Neither is any form of illegal steroids. To learn how to get six pack abs in 12 months you need to know that only healthy methods will be used. If we use healthy methods then the results will be seen for a lot longer than if you turn to supplements.

2 – How to get six pack abs in 12 months does not involve the use of ab machines as these do not work. Ab machines focus on giving your fat or muscles a bit of a wobble and that is about it. Forget about using them and rely on natural pure exercises.

3 – Estrogen Compounds are a big no no when it comes to learning how to get six pack abs in 12 months. Estrogen compounds are found in certain types of food and all they do is encourage the body to make fat and then store it. They do not contribute towards helping the body to burn fat or provide the body with energy for a workout. Compare estrogen foods to stocking the body up for hibernation. Complete the opposite to what we need.

So they are the tricks that do not work but what are the tricks that do.

1 – How to get six pack abs in 12 months actually focuses on all of the body and not just the abs. The set eating plan is aimed at getting your overall body fat percentage down to under 10%. The work out is planned at all of your body. This not only helps to maintain a positive state of mind but it ensures that our body feels energetic both before and after a workout. If working out leaves you too tired to complete the rest of the day, it defeats the object. This plan aims to fit in with your normal every day life even if it is a hectic one.

2 – A positive frame of mind is needed at all times. Don’t make the aim of how to get six pack abs in 12 months, the main focus of your life. If you do this then you will get impatient and reluctant to follow the course. If you keep a positive frame of mind then not only will the results be seen quicker but you will have the ability to carry on the plan so you can have rock hard abs for a long time to come.

So lets recap what we have learnt when it comes to this plan on how to get six pack abs in 12 months.

• Three things are needed. A set eating plan, an overall body work out and a positive state of mind.

• This plan allows you to have six pack abs for a lifetime and not just a summer

• Here is more information on how to get six pack abs in 12 months. Tried and tested results mean that you can do it as well.

David Hayford – Ezine author

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