Get Jacked in 2010 With The Wolverine Workout Part 2

Hi everyone and welcome back to the second installment of the Wolverine Workout.

If you want to get muscular as well as burn fat so you can see definition in your muscles, then you have come to the right place.  In part 1 of the Wolverine Workout, our reps where high and the pace at witch we did each rep was pretty low, basically in the 3 second range.  In part 2 of the Wolverine Workout series, we are going to slow it down and make every rep have an approximate duration of 6 seconds.  We are also going to decrease the reps a little as well.  The sets per exercise will remain the same and will consist of 3 sets per exercise.  Also, the time between sets will remain the same at a maximum of 60 seconds, however I encourage you to try and push yourself and build that muscle endurance and take less breaks.  Challenge yourself and pick a weight that you think you can do.  Then the next time you do the workout, try to either do the same workout in a faster time with the same weight or increase the weight and try and complete the workout as fast as you did in the previous time you did the workout with the lesser weight.

Exercise 1:  Physioball Dumbbell Press

3 Sets & 8 Reps per Set

Exercise 2:  Physioball Rolling Shoulder Alternate Dumbbell Press

3 Sets & 8 Reps per Set

Exercise 3:  Alternate 1 Leg Commando Push Ups

3 Sets & 8 Reps per Set

Exercise 4:  Inverted Pull Ups

3 Sets & 8 to 10 Reps per Set

Exercise 5:  Tempo Step Up

3 Sets & 8 Reps per Set

Exercise 6:  Physioball Crunch

3 Sets & 8 to 12 Reps per Set

Drastically slowing down each rep to 6 seconds per rep is going to completely change the workout and the muscle fibers you are stimulating leading to major muscle, strength and fat burning results.  Make sure to focus on keeping it slow and controlled on each and every rep.

As mentioned above, I encourage you to move from set to set and exercise to exercise taking as few breaks as possible.  This is the best type of workout training if you want to get strong, ripped, muscular, build your muscular endurance and have a healthier body that is more athletic.  You will see that training in this fashion will not only make you look better, but your athleticism will increase dramatically and you can bet you will be impressing your friends the next time you are playing sports together!

Training like this takes planning so go find yourself a workout and nutritional plan that is designed over several weeks or months with your goals in mind (such as getting ripped, burning fat, building muscle etc.) and start working towards it.  Training with the same old workout over and over is not only boring but your body adapts and you eventually hit a brick wall with no results so again I encourage you to go out there and get the ultimate workout and nutritional plan that works for you and get going on your new muscular ripped body!

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Frank Marconi has been working out for over ten years and specializes in circuit training workouts and nutrition in order to help people achieve that ripped, athletic and muscular look.

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