Build Strength & Define Your Shoulders With These Unique Exercises & Explosive Workout

Hi everyone and welcome to this shoulder workout that is guaranteed to blast them into the new decade!  Getting bigger, stronger more defined shoulders is an art as they are comprised of three major area:  front deltoid, middle deltoid and read deltoid.  In order to build them and get them stronger, you need to ensure that your shoulder workouts are incorporating exercises that hit all these areas.  This is just the workout to get at all those areas.

This workout is comprised of 5 shoulder exercises and 3 sets are to be completed for each exercise.  This is not a circuit training workout so you are going to want to complete all the sets in each exercise before moving on.  You are also going to want to take 45 to 60 second breaks between sets.

Below are the exercises for the this shoulder blast workout.

Exercise 1:  Wall Handstand Push Ups

3 Sets to Failure – Remember to engage your core for balance and you can walk up the wall a bit to self spot yourself.

Exercise 2:  Dumbbell Extension & Rotation Side Laterals

3 Sets & 10 to 12 Reps per Set

Exercise 3:  Dumbbell Front Raise Rows

3 Sets & 10 to 12 Reps per Set

Exercise 4:  Physioball Rolling Dumbbell Presses

3 Sets & 10 Reps per Set

Exercise 5:  Reverse Tubing “X” Pull Downs

3 Sets & 10 Reps per Set

As this is not a circuit training workout, you can get the weights up a bit because you have some rest in between sets.  Challenge yourself and keep the rest time between sets to 45 to 60 seconds.

In order to build a strong, muscular, ripped and athletic body, you need to incorporate workouts such as the shoulder workout above and circuit training workouts such as I have presented in other articles.  Moving in and out of the circuit training and non circuit training phases takes planning so prior to jumping into your next workout, plan out what you wish to achieve over the coming weeks and months in regards to your body’s physical development.  Once you know what your goals are, find yourself and appropriate workout and nutritional plan that coincide with those goals and then head off to the gym for that next workout!

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Frank Marconi has been working out for over ten years and specializes in circuit training workouts and nutrition in order to help people achieve that ripped, athletic and muscular look.

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