Tone Stomach Fat in the Easiest Way to Have Lean and Firm Six Packs Abs

Rock hard sexy abs are not that hard to achieve if you follow a plan that fits into your normal average day. The result is firm, lean abs without realizing how you did it and you will be able to continue to have this set of abs for as long as you want. Have a look at the following three steps on how to tone your stomach fat and you will see it all slots into place for the perfect set of abs.

The first step is controlling your mind to be dedicated and positive that you will be able to tone your stomach fat. A positive mind will allow you to work out and follow a set diet without making it feel like a chore. Even better is to think of the work outs and diet as part of your normal working day. That way you are not focused on how much effort is required but instead focused on the result.

The second step is to have a complete eating plan. Now this is where I am going to surprise you as the best eating plan involves including a certain type of saturated fat in your diet. This type of saturated fat actually helps the body to burn overall fat and it is the tool you need to achieve an overall body fat percentage of under 10%. Foods to avoid are estrogen foods and also certain healthy foods that many people turn to when they want to lose weight.

The third step to have in place is a full all over body workout. Do not just perform a work out that focuses on the stomach muscles as by working out all over the body it keeps energy flowing, your metabolism high and it will not leave you feeling tired after wards. If we refer back to point two the aim first was to lose the tummy fat, if you do not do this then a set of six-pack abs will simply be covered by the layer of fat. By losing the fat first and then carrying out a full body work out it provides better results that will last for longer.

These are three simple steps that are part of the Mike Geary workout and diet plan to tone stomach fat. The aim is to have a set of sexy, firm rock hard abs that will be there for a lifetime and not just a summer.

The work out and diet plan is a combination of science with knowledge of food and working out to give a perfect way to tone stomach fat. Perhaps the most original aspect of this plan is that you can fit it into your working day so even if you have a hectic schedule and can not make it to the gym, it shows you how to tone stomach fat even when you are on the go and lead a hectic lifestyle.

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